Chapter 73: The World Alliance
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 73: The World Alliance

In the Eternal City’s St. Peter’s Basilica, the most illustrious church in the world…

“The Khitan Caesar is too young,” the Pope said slowly.

The cardinals’ faces turned grim.

They had been wondering why the Pope had gathered them together today. It turned out that the latter was planning to have them visit all the countries to rally the emperors, kings, dukes, and nobles together to launch a huge Crusade against the Khitan Caesar!

The cardinals were skeptical about the plan’s feasibility. It was unthinkable to them.

In the first place, all the nations had all kinds of grudges among them, be it historical ones or current ones. It would be tough to gather a pile of scattered sand together.

Furthermore, the Khitan Caesar only had thousands of soldiers. Was there really a need to gather everyone together to deal with him? The emperors and nobles might just think that this was a joke.

While everyone was discussing the matter, the Pope opened his eyes, which could hardly be seen amidst his wrinkles, and slowly said, “The Khitan Caesar is too young.”

He rose from his seat and stiffly walked around. “Those who have met the Khitan Caesar, how old do they think he is?”

One by one, the Pope’s gaze fell on each of the cardinals, taking in their shock, worry, and fear.

“Some think he is fifteen. Some think he is sixteen. Some think he is seventeen.”

The Pope finally came to a halt. With his softest voice, he spoke the loudest words.

“But no one dares say he is eighteen!

“Alexander the Great, who nearly conquered the world, was twenty when he took the throne! Attila the Hun, the Scourge of God who made the world tremble, was thirty when he became king! Yet, the Khitan Caesar, a youth who may just be fifteen years old, has restored an empire!”

The cardinals shook at the thought of the implications. The corners of the Pope’s lips curled upward to form a faint smile.

“Such a young Scourge of God… Who dares let him live? Who can let him live? No king will allow that.”

At this point, the Pope raised his voice.

“There is no room in t

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