Chapter 74: The Enemy of the World
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 74: The Enemy of the World

The golden rays of the morning sun shone through the clouds and illuminated the world.

But the world embraced by the sun’s warmth was marred by blood, flames, and silent weeping. A cruel slaughter was underway.

There was no compassion, no sympathy, and no mercy.

Youths were hacked down by the roadside. Women were hung in the forests. Babies were smashed on the stairs.

And the ones carrying out these violent acts were stern knights dressed in red and white robes.

“Captain Cassivia!” A knight galloped up to a cold-faced female knight dressed in thick armor. “We have caught all the heretics. What should we do next?”

“You useless thing! You have been in the Order for some time now, and you still need me to tell you what to do? All heretics are to be purged!”

“Ah? A-all…” The young knight was rendered speechless. “S-shouldn’t we give them a chance to turn over a new leaf?”

Despite having accompanied the knight captain in purging heretics for months, he still thought that the knight captain was going too far.

He mustered his courage to face the knight captain’s cold gaze and replied, “Many of them lived their lives listening to their village chief’s nonsense, never having the chance to bask in the glory of our Lord. Why don’t we bring some priests here to correct their mistaken faith…”

His voice grew softer and softer.

Cassivia glared down at him and roared, “Trash, do you need me to say it a second time? All heretics are to be purged!”


Knowing that he might just become the first knight to be dragged away and purged if he pushed his case on, the young knight quickly backed down.

“Captain Cassivia, are we going to do it today as well…” another knight beside Cassivia asked.

“Write another letter to curse that heretic,” Cassivia replied, “Maggots who taint our Lord’s glory do not deserve to exist! A day shall come where we purge all those vermin!”


The knight pursed his lips, but he decided against saying anything. He, too, thought that the captain was being too excessive, especially since the Eastern Ortho

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