Chapter 98: We’ll Absolutely Fulfill Our Promise
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 98: We’ll Absolutely Fulfill Our Promise

Actually, regarding the loan repayment, Roel did consider whether he should just shirk his debt and not pay up at all. He would suck the System’s blood dry before callously abandoning it, like a heartless man.

After all, the System could still operate for another 5 years, even if Roel didn’t pay it a single gold coin at all. If he could become a powerful expert by then, he wouldn’t have any need for the System anymore.

However, after thinking it through, he eventually chose to abandon this idea. There was no saying what would happen within 5 years’ time, so it was best for him to keep the System with him. It was not as if he couldn’t repay the 500,000 gold coin loan anyway. He could always earn more money if he needed to, but he wouldn’t be able to find a second System anywhere else.

With such thoughts in mind, Roel stood up and made his way over to Carter’s study, hoping to discuss the governance of the Ascart Fiefdom with him.

Roel felt that Carter was similar to those scions in a one of the soap dramas of his previous life, where the scions would rather cast aside the huge inheritance their fathers had left them just so they could chase their dreams. This could be seen from how Carter chose to focus his time on the military instead of developing the company (Ascart Fiefdom). It really pained Roel to see how so much potential was being put to waste when it could become something greater!

As the successor of the Ascart House, Roel felt obliged to fill in the gap that his father had left behind! He decided that he would march up to Carter and have a thorough discussion about this matter, hoping to obtain partial rights to govern the fiefdom.

His burning motivation was to be disappointed.

“Ah? My father is not around?”

“That’s right. The old master has been summoned to the royal palace.”

“The royal palace? Hm…”

Roel couldn’t help but think about the rumors about him and Nora that had been heard all around town lately, and he felt a little jittery inside.

It can’t be that Carter has been called there for that matte

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