Chapter 99: It’s Time For a Counterattack
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 99: It’s Time For a Counterattack

In the royal palace, after sending away Marquess Carter, Holy Eminence John leaned back in his chair and exhaled deeply.

How long had it been since he last proactively pushed his ideas on another person?

For many years now, he had never needed to take the initiative to carry a discussion. His guests would respectfully speak non-stop in his presence, and all he needed to do was to indicate with either a nod or a shake of his head. He had never thought a day would come where he would have to coax another party like a desperate salesman once more.

Ey, I guess it can’t be helped. It’s all for the children.

Just the thought of his precious granddaughter made John heave a deep sigh. For his granddaughter, who had been completely out-of-it ever since she returned from the ordeal, he could only put down his pride and personally make a move.

Indeed. Just like Alicia, Nora hadn’t been eating much recently either. It was normal for those of the Angel Bloodline to require some time for their powers to settle down after an awakening, and it would typically take around 10 days. However, for a person whose first observation after opening her eyes was the absence of Roel, 10 days was far too long.

Nora had fallen unconscious shortly after being egged on by Victoria into kissing Roel, so she was unaware of how Roel was doing at the moment. Of course, she did receive news from the Ascart House that Roel was faring well, but still, her heart simply couldn’t rest easy unless she were to verify it in person.

And when a child starts losing appetite, the ones to suffer are the parents. This is simply how the world worked.

John was only able to harden his heart and send Nora in with Roel for his trial because he thought that it was an ordeal that the Xeclydes had to overcome. When it came to everyday life, however, John was just the typical doting grandfather.

Putting aside his worries for Nora, he was actually rather concerned about Roel’s condition too.

From Nora’s account, he learned of Roel’s actions during that snippet of history, an

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