Chapter 574.2: Return (2)
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“Roel, there’s another reason I brought you here other than to celebrate your birthday.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“You should have noticed that something is missing from your body.”

“…My Origin Attribute?” Roel asked.

The Mother Goddess nodded.

Roel had to fuse his soul with the Crown Origin Attribute in order to reach the same level of existence as the Savior, but he had to pay a hefty price for that, most notably the loss of his Origin Attribute.

Fusing two souls was easy, but separating them afterward was nigh impossible, almost like trying to separate two fluids of similar properties that had been mixed together. The loss of his Origin Attribute would greatly reduce Roel’s fighting prowess.

Fortunately, it was not impossible to solve this problem when he had the Mother Goddess on his side.

“I separated your Crown Origin Attribute out while I was treating you. I should return it to you now that your soul has mostly stabilized, but there is one thing I need to say in advance.”


Roel looked at the Mother Goddess, whose face had suddenly turned severe, and a pair of hands suddenly pulled his cheeks.


“Don’t you ever do that again. If I hadn’t been by your side, you would have already…”


Hearing the agitation in Her hoarse voice, Roel froze up before earnestly apologizing for it.

“I’m sorry. I have worried you.”

“There’s no need for you to apologize. You only did that in order to save Me… Forget it; let’s not talk about that anymore. Give Me your hand.”

With a helpless shake of Her head, the Mother Goddess concluded the topic. She placed Her hand on Her chest while Roel obediently stretched out both his hands and waited.

“I was only able to separate the Crown Origin Attribute from your soul because it used to be part of My soul. It was also for this reason I spent the past half a month sleeping beside you.”

“I see.” Roel nodded in realization.

A hazy speck of light began separating from the Mother Goddess’ body, glowing ever so faintly under the night sky.

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