Chapter 57: Before the Crowd
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The night before the new year, Roel Ascart sat in a carriage that was galloping straight toward the majestic Saint Faron Basilica.

The carriage was comfortable and spacious, but it wasn’t a property of the Ascart House. The insignia of the Guardian of Radiant Wings revealed that it was a royal carriage.

On this very day, the Xeclydes, known to be the envoys of Goddess Sia due to their Angel Bloodline, were incredibly busy making arrangements for their two upcoming major events. They had to host the prayers over at the Saint Faron Basilica while simultaneously preparing for the New Year’s Ball that would be held in the royal palace later at night.

Carter, as a marquess and a military man, was obliged to attend the ball. Alicia didn’t have any obligations or prior commitments and could technically head wherever she wanted, but out of safety considerations, Roel requested his father to bring her along to look after her. In view of the mishap that had happened during Nora’s birthday banquet, Carter approved Roel’s suggestion.

As a result, Roel was left all alone.

When the decision was made, the ruby eyes of Alicia, who was looking forward to enjoying the New Year’s festivities with Roel, immediately reddened. She grabbed Roel’s hand tightly for a long while before she was finally able to bring herself to let go. Before heading off with Carter, she made sure to remind Roel.

“Lord Brother, I heard that Her Highness Nora will be leading the hymns and prayers today. It would be advisable for you to avoid talking to her, so that she can save her energy for the occasion.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

This was the first time Roel was hearing that Nora was leading the hymns and prayers. That would explain why she seemed to have vanished from the face of the world for the past two weeks.

Most likely, she had been putting all of her efforts into ensuring that everything went perfect. Thinking about it, it almost seemed like an idol trainee preparing for her center stage debut. With her beauty, her popularity would surely skyrocket.

“But, i

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Translator Notes

Looks like Roel's first public debut o_o

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