Chapter 56: Meeting the Parents
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 56: Meeting the Parents

Roel obtained a national treasure-level short sword from Nora, though it was anticlimactic how this seemingly monumental event barely changed his life at all.

The only thing that was noteworthy was probably Anna, for some inexplicable reason, bringing Alicia over to his room right after Nora departed.

The warnings from Arwen and Nora, as well as the long lecture from his father, had completely convinced Roel not to wander around the capital. He spent every day peacefully in the Labyrinth Villa.

In order to protect Roel, the Ascart House specially dispatched a group of experts from their fiefdom over to the villa. These experts wore silver armor, and were said to be Carter’s personal guards, making them much stronger than ordinary soldiers. Under their protection, there was no need for Roel to be on tenterhooks over every small detail.

Besides, there was a long history behind the Labyrinth Villa, which could be seen through its interior design and the artworks placed on display. Each generation’s patriarch had accumulated a mind-boggling amount of books during their lifetime, resulting in the constant expansion of its library. The front and backyards of the villa were also rather spacious, allowing one to move about without feeling too stifled. It could be said to be one of the very few serene locations in the Holy Capital… though admittedly, its fearsome reputation probably played no small part in that.

Every morning, after waking up, Roel would head to the backyard for his morning exercise before heading back to the villa to have breakfast with Carter and Alicia and drum up some Affection Points. Following that, he would either read some books or train his body. During his break time, he would grab a piece of cloth and wipe Ascendwing’s lustrous blade to marvel at his own wealth.

The same rules applied for the tea break in the afternoon and dinner. Due to Alicia being too busy with her ‘home economics’ lessons, the amount of time she had to spend with Roel had decreased. It was probably due to that that the Affect

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Though it's more like meeting the grandparents though, but close enough.

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Uwu looks like we have a good chance of clearing Challenge 7 soon too hehe.

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