Chapter 559.1: Mother (1)
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This grayish-white, frozen world was a scene Roel had seen numerous times before.

The blooming flowers out in the sky garden had their beauty locked in time, and the little bird flying past the window had halted in place. It was as if the world had transformed into an old monochrome photograph.

The only thing that was different this time around was that the world wasn’t inverted.

However, what truly shocked Roel was the towering black silhouette standing next to his bed. He was dressed in a black robe and shrouded in thick black miasma. A bizarre white mask obscured his facial features. However, there was something more sinister underlying his looks.

With his keen eyes, Roel could tell that the white mask was made out of bones and the black robe comprised deceased spirits, as evidenced by the blood-curdling cries coming from it.

What the hell is this?

Such a question naturally arose in Roel’s mind.

There was not a sliver of doubt in his mind that such an existence shouldn’t have appeared before him inside the Moonsoul Tower, especially not with such overwhelming murderous intent that made one’s blood turn cold.


Roel’s sharp senses as a high transcendent immediately alerted him to the imminent danger. Before he could fully process what had happened, he had already released a huge amount of frost aura while charging toward the bedroom door.

The black silhouette was caught off guard by the sudden flood of frost aura, clearly not having expected Roel to react that quickly.

Search for the original.

Roel made use of this opening to flee to the living room. His room was located on the upper floors of the Moonsoul Tower, which was at least a thousand meters away from the ground, so he would only be cornering himself if he escaped to the sky garden. Thus, he could only head into the tower to seek help.

While he had managed to escape from his bedroom, he couldn’t shake off the ominous feeling in his heart. The subsequent events proved that his worries weren’t unfounded.

His guards, who would have charged in as soon as they noticed any unnatural movements, were nowhere to be seen at all. The living room was completely silent except for the cracking ice sounds behind him that resulted from the frost aura.

“Traitor, what are you looking for?”


Roel’s eyes narrowed when he heard those words. He turned around and saw the black silhouette clad in deceased spirits slowly making his way over.

This is impossible! I blasted his face with my frost aura at near point blank! Not even gods could be unfazed by that! N-no, that’s not right!

Looking at the black silhouette’s blurred outlines and hearing the ghastly wails of the deceased spirits, Roel clenched his fists as he finally understood how the other party was able to shrug off his frost aura.

His Glacial Touch had successfully inflicted damage on the black silhouette, but the damage had been transferred away to the wailing deceased spirits. It turned out that they weren’t just for show;

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