Chapter 540.1: Related to Him (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 540.1: Related to Him (1)

As far as Roel could remember, sharing a bed with Alicia often caused plenty of headaches for him. He had to think of all kinds of ways to stop her little antics. Them waking up with their arms around each other was on the milder end of the spectrum; there were even times when their clothes were scattered around the place!

Yet, things were different this time around.

The following day after the hypnotism, Roel woke up and found that Alicia wasn’t in his arms. Instead, she was lying next to him, her little chest inflating and deflating with every breath.

For a moment there, Roel wondered if the sun had risen from the west, though his surprise quickly faded when he thought about what Alicia had done yesterday.

In truth, he had somewhat sensed that Alicia wasn’t planning to do anything to him yesterday while he was in a vulnerable state. She simply cast a hypnotism spell on him and took care of him until he fell asleep.

The gentle care she had showered on him was a divergence from her usual mischievous self, and it stirred a peculiar feeling in Roel’s heart.

It looks like Alicia has really grown up.

Looking at the sleeping silver-haired woman, Roel felt both moved and grateful.

Having finally caught a good sleep after two grueling nights of insomnia, Roel felt invigorated. Compared to last night, his attention span, discerning eye, and analytical ability had recovered to their usual levels.

Despite feeling bursting with energy, he quietly slipped out of bed and left the room.

“Young master, you’re awake.”

“Mmhm. Don’t go in yet. Alicia is still sleeping.”

“I understand, young master.”

After a short conversation with Anna by the doorway, Roel didn’t choose to head straight to the dining room to have his breakfast. Instead, he quickly washed up before taking a stroll around the manor’s garden. He gazed in the distant sky as if he was waiting for something.

Last night, before he went to bed, he had purchased a Spiritsense Hatchling from the System, which appeared to have originated from Sia’s divine temple. It wasn’t a hassle at all for him to control it. He had sent it on night patrol, and it was about time for it to return.

Roel closed his eyes and quietly circulated his mana while waiting for the Spiritsense Hatchling to return. It was only when the sun had fully risen to the sky that a little figure could be spotted swooping across the sky. But instead of gently landing as a bird would, it crashed into the lawn.

Roel rushed over to check on it. He found many wounds on its grayish-silver body.

“This is…”

Roel frowned in incomprehension.

While the Spiritsense Hatchling didn’t possess any defense mechanism, hunting it down in an open environment was easier said than done. It traveled at incredible speeds and could remain in the air for a very long time without tiring. Most importantly of all, it carried a hint of Sia’s aura.

Roel had spent some time replenishing the Spiritsense Hatchling’s mana while inspecting it last night. His tribute as a ‘clergyma

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