Chapter 496.1: Proof of Existence (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 496.1: Proof of Existence (1)

Love existed in many forms.

Some saw the act of reproduction as a means to vent their lust. It didn’t matter who they did it with, be it engaging in a forbidden relationship or hooking up with a total stranger.

It would be arrogance to claim that their way of living was wrong. They were obeying their natural instincts, not dissimilar to how animals mated in estrus. It was just that humans, as intelligent beings, often attributed a deeper meaning to the act of reproduction.

Roel saw the act of reproduction as a manifestation of deep love, a means to express intense feelings where words fell short. He didn’t think that the union of two humans should be an end to pleasure and reproduction. That was also why he had always been conservative when it came to sexual relations.

He believed that there were stark differences in whether physical intimacy was initiated on the grounds of deep love or hedonistic pursuits, and the most obvious display of that was what came afterward.

Those driven solely by lust often felt that everything became dull and monotonous after they had vented their libido, leaving them empty inside. In contrast, physical intimacy arising from deep love felt satisfying even after release. The feeling of bliss from embracing one’s lover after doing the deed was an emotional high that many women were entranced by.

Unfortunately, Charlotte was unlikely to be able to enjoy that emotional high.

Despite Roel’s conservative view toward sexual relations, that didn’t mean that he lacked potency in bed. On the contrary, his high transcendent constitution and the blessing from the Primordial Mother Goddess granted him stamina that few men could compete with, especially when his feelings of fondness for Charlotte were blazing more intense than ever.

That was far beyond what Charlotte could handle. Even the mana serum she had drunk prior to the act did little to prepare her for Roel’s ferocity, not to mention that it was her first time.

She had told him to give her everything, and her wish did come true. It was just that the vigorous exercise that came afterward left her too depleted to enjoy the afterglow. She fell asleep shortly after Roel came to a halt.

Roel gently embraced the deeply asleep Charlotte while gazing upon her with affectionate eyes. Even after having just done the deed, he still found himself captivated by her visage.

Unlike his previous experience, which felt more like a wondrous dream, he had done the deed with Charlotte with full consciousness. The profound feeling of completion when he joined together with the woman he loved filled the gaps in his heart, deepening his feelings for her.

Looking at Charlotte’s still flushed face, he thought about everything that had happened ever since their first meeting at the Ascarts’ manor, and a feeling of bliss gushed out from his heart. Some time later, his hastened breaths finally calmed down.

With her scent lingering in his nose, he slowly lay down and drifted off to sleep.

Roel was startled when he opened his eyes to a misty valley, but he swiftly snapped out of it and began heading into its depths.

Despite the poor visibility in the valley, there was no hesitation in his footsteps at all. If anything, he was walking at a faster pace than usual. It didn’t take long before he caught sight of a golden-haired woman seated on a rock throne, who gazed down on him with a motherly smile.

Realizing the meaning behind her smile, Roel’s face awkwardly stiffened up.

“Peytra, you called me here?”

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“I did. I called you here to inform you that I have completed your request, but it looks like I have gotten in the way instead… It must have been a pleasant night,” Peytra said smilingly.


Roel’s face reddened.

The ancient gods wouldn’t peep on him while he was spending time with Charlotte, but Peytra was the goddess who governed over fertility in the ancient era, after all. She could clearly tell that Roel had just performed an act of reproduction.

It was a little awkward to have been caught in the act, but there was no reason for Roel to deny anything here. Charlotte was his fiancée even though the relationship was no longer legally binding, and their union had been mutually consensual.

Established customs dating back to the Ancient Austine Empire did condemn couples who engaged in sexual relations before marriage, but the era was changing. It was still frowned upon in society, but it wasn’t a big deal anymore.

Having thought things through, Roel looked back at the Primordial Earth Goddess unflinchingly. However, his response only further brightened the smile on her face.

“You’re even showing the expression of a man. It looks like you have grown up.”

Peytra spoke in a tone reminiscent of a mother heartened by the maturing of her child, looking almost as if she was going to start reminiscing on her youth next. Roel looked at her before lowering his head in self-reproach.

“I was planning to wait until her condition improves, but things somehow ended up like this…”

“Isn’t this fine? After all the time you have spent together, it’s only natural for things to come to this. I was starting to get anxious about the lack of progress between you two. After all, I’m on that child’s side.”

“You’re on Charlotte’s side?”

“Of course! Like I have told you, I am the witness of your relationship. You have shown me something beautiful back in the Witness State, and it continues to glow like the brightest of diamonds even to this day. That’s the kind of thing I live for.”

Recalling the romance between the two lovebirds, Peytra placed her hand on her cheek and started getting moved all by herself. She spent a while absorbed in these feelings before pulling the conversation back to the main topic.

“Did you know what that child wanted in advance? You wouldn’t have asked me to craft something like that otherwise.”

“Not really, but I did have my guesses. I am more or less able to tell what she’s thinking. Regarding that item, the design is of secondary concern. What’s more important is its effectiveness.”

“Don’t worry, there’s no problem with that too… Should I further enhance it?”

“Further enhance? How so?”

“With the blessing of fertility, of course.”

Peytra was flabbergasted at Roel’s redundant question, looking almost frustrated by how dense he was when it came to such stuff.

“Are you that naive to think that everything will work out by itself? High elves are known for their low rate of fertility, and it doesn’t help that the two of you are high transcendents. Without a blessing, it’s questionable whether you’ll get a child even if you try for your entire life!” she exclaimed.

“Hold on for a moment here! Who said that I’m trying to get her pregnant?”

“… You don’t want to? Are you sure?”


Faced with Peytra’s sharp question and penetrating eyes, Roel’s cheeks swiftly reddened. She nodded in satisfaction upon seeing that.

“There’s nothing to be shy about. It’s encoded in male instincts to breed outstanding females in their group and bear offspring.”

“Stop! I am not a saint beast and I don’t subscribe to their way of life… You’re just looking forward to getting a grandchild, aren’t you?”

“I won’t deny that,” Peytra admitted with a motherly smile.

Roel massaged his own temples.

“E-even so, there’s no need to hurry into it. Her body is far too weak for that right now.”

“Indeed. Pregnancy would impose tremendous strain on her already weakened body… If that’s the decision you have come to, you’d have to hurry back.”

“What do you mean?”

“That child has chosen an extreme route,” Peytra gazed into the unknown distance and murmured worriedly.

Her reaction spurred an ominous feeling in Roel’s heart.

“Is Charlotte…”

“Yes, she’s going to do something that will be detrimental to her in the long term. You have to return right away.”

Roel saw Peytra’s silhouette blur before his consciousness instantaneously plunged into darkness.

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