Chapter 466.2: Trembling Words (2)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 466.2: Trembling Words (2)

A heavy feeling in his body and the inability to channel his mana—it wasn’t common for Roel to receive such a vivid premonition of danger. Thinking back, the last time he experienced that was when the Collector had invaded his Inner Sanctum to stifle his flame of life.

Artasia’s warning helped him to connect the dots, and he rushed out of his tent right away.

“Juliana, there are enemies in the vicinity!”


Juliana was sitting on a vertically-placed log and sipping on a cup of tea when Roel suddenly made a proclamation of danger. She was taken aback, but she still took his words seriously due to the authority he had built up over the past month.

She quickly rose to her feet and magically drew a sword out of her skirt. Her irises turned red, and she began carefully scanning their surroundings.

“Where? My barrier didn’t catch anything at all. What did you notice?” asked Juliana.

The commotion also caught Selina and Stuart’s attention, and they quickly rushed out of their tents too. All three of them turned their attention to Roel while the latter quickly analyzed the situation.

The Witch Queen had personally confirmed that a Fallen was in the vicinity, which was why Roel exclaimed that there were enemies right away. Yet, Juliana, whose senses were the sharpest in the night, didn’t notice anything at all. If so, there was only one remaining possibility.

“Quick, contact the main team! They must be the ones who have come under attack!”


Stuart had no idea what the basis behind Roel’s claim was, but he could tell that the latter wasn’t joking around. He quickly worked with Selina to activate the communication magic tool.

Meanwhile, Roel continued analyzing the situation.

The Fallen must have started moving since I have received a danger premonition. That feeling of heaviness in the body and halted blood flow is similar to when the Collector interfered with my Ascart Bloodline… That should be a sign as well, just that the recipient of it isn’t me but Lilian this time around. 

The confirmation that the Fallens were

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