Chapter 452.1: Fighting the Main Force (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 452.1: Fighting the Main Force (1)

Under the radiant glow of the rising sun, Duke Brookley’s fluid sphere glimmered more brightly than ever. He had compressed a great amount of his mana into that single fluid sphere, morphed it into the form of a water spear that was barely the size of a finger, before unleashing it with utmost precision.

It had appeared to be little more than a droplet of water in the sky before its moment of release, but when it surged forth with unstoppable momentum, it emanated a glorious radiance that melded into the sun rays as if it was the manifestation of divine retribution.

This was one of the spells Duke Brookley was famed for, having used to snipe down enemy generals before the start of the battle. Many powerful transcendents had failed to react to this attack and fell in regret.

Today, its target was the silver-haired girl surrounded by soldiers.

The name, Alicia Ascart, didn’t really register to Duke Brookley, and the two of them hardly knew each other either. Yet, the moment he unleashed the attack, he felt a rush of guilt.

Thus far, there had never been an underaged girl who had died to this attack, and there should have never been one in his principles. However, choice was a privilege in times of war. Soldiers often had to make decisions that they personally didn’t agree with on the battlefield.

Of all possible adjectives that could be used to describe a person, there were only two that really mattered on the battlefield—friendly and hostile.


The miniature water spear swiftly bolted forth with a shrill whiz along its trajectory, though it hardly registered amidst the ruckus on the battlefield. Till the moment it struck its target, there was not a person who noticed the assassination. It was only when the impact transferred to the ground and raised a cloud of dust that the advancing Ascart soldiers finally realized that something was amiss.


A loud explosion ensued, but Duke Brookley didn’t bother watching the commotion. Instead, he raised his head and gave the order for his soldiers to charge forth.

The Sezes had har

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