Chapter 30: Money to Buy Happiness!
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 30: Money to Buy Happiness!

A week later, Roel sat in his room as he stared at the two brand-new winter coats folded neatly in wooden boxes in front of him.

These winter coats were of different sizes, the larger one being for a guy and the smaller one being for a girl. These were the clothes that Roel had personally ordered at the Sorofyas a week ago.

It was worth noting that the larger winter coat was bought not for Roel himself but as a gift for Carter.

While he was shopping at the Sorofyas, he suddenly recalled that in his ten years in the Ascart House, not once had he ever bought anything for his own father before. Feeling a bit guilty about this, Roel decided to use the money that he had earned to order a coat for Carter. In a sense, this was a small token of appreciation for everything his father had done for him over all these years.

It appeared that Arwen viewed Roel as a VVIP, due to the transaction they had, resulting in the former using everything within his power to ensure the service provided was to Roel’s satisfaction. As such, the clothes that were supposed to be due in half a month’s time were delivered in just a week…

… though what was important here was the sparkling golden heap buried beneath the clothes.

Gold coins. 20,000 of them, to be exact.

It was the final payment for the item Roel sold via the request list.

A week ago, as soon as Roel brought the deposit home with him, he exchanged it for Sarchorme’s Soul-calming Lamp through the Gold Coin Shop.

The lamp was molded with some sort of dark brown dirt, and the oil inside was dark red in color, seemingly made out of some sort of mysterious substance. Roel tried lighting the lamp up, and the flame produced by the lamp released a pure white glow that brought him inner peace.

Perhaps this was how enlightenment felt.

The following day, Roel passed the Soul-calming Lamp over to Arwen for testing. The results appeared to be satisfactory as Arwen squealed in delighted that the item Roel brought over had far surpassed what they had asked for.

Arwen thought that something as v

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