Chapter 1557 - Questioning
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1557 - Questioning

The abbot had only just climbed up when he glanced outside the temple, almost dropping back onto the ground. Amitābha, what’s going on today? There’s another one!

As it turned out, the monk outside who called himself Upraised Light seemed nothing special, but under the observations of the Heavenly Eye knowledge, he was clearly a divine monk who had attained the fruit of Sakridāgāmi, only a step away from the fruit of Arhat.

In terms of his status in buddhism, he stood even higher than sangharama guardians. Even within Sukhāvatī, they were extremely rare.

“General, you truly are like someone important, always forgetful! You’ve forgotten about me so      quickly!”

The Upraised Light abbot raised his bamboo hat slightly, revealing a young, handsome face. Even if Li Qingshan’s memories were not sealed away, he probably would struggle to recognise him.

During the battle of Black Cloud city, he sacrificed himself and triggered the receiving light of the buddha. It heavily injured the Demon God’s embodiment, earning Li Qingshan the precious opportunity to catch his breath.

He was originally an eminent monk of the pure land school, so there was no better place of cultivation than Sukhāvatī. He successfully rebuilt his body, and his cultivation climbed higher, having undergone the sixth heavenly tribulation already.

“I’m not some general, nor do I know you!”

“Eggborn” planted his hands on his hips and held his chest high, coming off as rude. However, he felt frantic inside. The monk really did give off a sense of familiarity as if he had seen him in a certain nightmare before.

That was basically one of his worst dreams, fighting on the battlefield that trickled with blood. Countless people died tragic deaths while the enemy was despairingly powerful.

He originally thought that as long as he remained awake, he could stay far away from those nightmares.

“You don’t know me, but I know you.”

“Wretched monk! Damned bald ass! Go away, I don’t want to see you!”

“Eggborn” swung his hand furiously, and great trees erupt

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