Chapter 1558 - The Living Beings
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1558 - The Living Beings

At this moment, all the Upraised Light abbot saw was a tiny figure, who ran over on the lush plains dyed silver by the moonlight.

He murmured, “And what are you questioning?”

“Eggborn” stopped at the entrance of the temple, leaning against his knees as he sucked in a deep breath. He said with determination, “Let’s go!”

If his life was destined to be nightmares after nightmares, then he would fight on like Li Qingshan instead of hiding away, afraid to fall asleep like a coward.

“Hold on!”

“Eggborn” then rushed into the temple. He caused a ruckus, alarming all of the monks, before walking out again while dusting off his hands in satisfaction.

In the Sangaharama hall, the sangharama guardian located at the very end called Li Qingshan was smashed to pieces. It no longer possessed any of its former valiance.

“Why?” The Upraised Light abbot was very surprised as well. Getting worshipped as a god was probably something all cultivators yearned for. Did he have a problem with the fact that he was ranked at the very end?

“I don’t want people to worship me!”

“Amitābha, only so everyone and everything can be equal? I am ashamed of my inferiority to you.” The Upraised Light abbot brought his palms together and sighed with a smile. “But sure enough, only you are capable of this.”

“What is it exactly?”

“There’s no hurry. We can talk while we walk.”

As a result, they approached the silvery-blue night, vanishing into the vast plains.

In the messy Sangharama hall, all of the monks became limp. In Sukhāvatī, let alone statues of gods enshrined in temples, even just a piece of paper that depicted a god was something that no one possessed the courage to destroy.

They had basically never heard of such a shocking and blasphemous act before. They had no idea what to do.

In the tall, deep hall, the Sangharama God and the guardians seemed to be staring at them. The monks all knelt down on the ground, throwing their heads against the ground constantly like they were trying to pound rice, apologising again and again.

The abbot

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