Chapter 1556 - Dreams of the Past
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1556 - Dreams of the Past

The sandy pulp of the watermelon was extremely sweet. Perhaps because it had been born in this paradise, the juice oozed with happiness.

As “Eggborn” ate, he could not help but giggle away. He seemed to have never felt so relaxed and happy in his life. Suddenly, his cheek felt a little warm and moist. He wiped it and licked it, yet it was salty and bitter.

“What is this?”

He blinked his eyes. His jade-green eyes were like a foundation as more and more salty, bitter fluid covered his face. It never ended.

Perhaps because he was not born in this paradise and had been soaked in pain, he could only produce this bitter fluid.

His chest felt heavy as if something was trying to get out. His little face scrunched up, and he let out a growl that seemed almost non-human.

Green light spread out as waves, making the plants grow vigorously, entangling together and killing one another.

Like an ostrich, he buried his head within the melon peel. It finally stopped after quite a while. All of the vegetation withered away.

He raised his head, revealing another innocent smile.

The jade-green eyes turned scarlet again.

The old coupled were both surprised and puzzled. They had no idea what had happened.

The man called Li Qingshan had used the spirit turtle to suppress and seal away everything while he was at his most feeble during the Phoenix’s Nirvāṇa, avoiding the regression of his cultivation. He was like a turtle pulling its head into its shell, avoiding the influence of the outside world.

However, he was well aware that this was only a temporary measure. The spirit turtle was good at defending, but not only was this fragile line of defence vulnerable to the influence of Sukhāvatī, but he would even end up questioning himself as well.

There would be one day when he would have to ask himself, Who am I?

Yet just then, the Qilin Transformation that had stagnated for quite a long time actually broke through when he was completely unconscious of it. Perhaps this world was suited for practising the Qilin Transformation, or

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