Chapter 1555 - Eggborn
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1555 - Eggborn

Li Qingshan clutched his head with his eyebrows firmly locked. His body arched up with his back raised high in the air, like an ox putting up a powerful struggle. However, his lips curled up into an eerie smile.

The demonic transformations all began to regress.

The Ox Demon, with its Great Strength, Sinks in the Mud!

If none of the mud existed anymore, why did it persist? If it could enjoy happiness, who would be willing to go through pain!

This was “paradise”, a “pure land” devoid of pain.

He let out a furious roar, and the sky surged. He bared his teeth in utter fury.

However, his mind immediately calmed down. He had already made his decision—Phoenix’s Nirvāṇa!

Bright-red flames spread and swallowed him, but just that was not enough. As long as those happy and touching memories still existed, he would not be able to resist this “paradise”.

But it was impossible for him to part with them, nor was he willing to part with them. Memories had always been one entity—happy and ugly, touching and painful. How could he distinguish between them clearly?

How could he be unaware that Xiao An had killed countless and committed heinous crimes? Yet in his eyes, great beauty and white bone possessed no difference. That was all his Xiao An!

How was he supposed to part with this memory?

He let out a great sigh, powering the Spirit Turtle Transformation to suppress it all!

His eyes suddenly became blank as if he had cleared away all of his memories. They reflected the clear sky before burning to nothing in the fire as well, falling out of the sky.

Boom! A streak of light flashed by, landing in a field.

An old couple rushed over. Smoke and flames were ablaze as sparks filled their faces. They were unable to approach it for the time being.

However, they did not seem to know fear. The old man picked up a pitchfork and paved a path.

At this moment, they suddenly heard the crying of an infant from up ahead. The circumstances itself were rather strange.

The old couple shared a glance. They became even more frantic, movin

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