Chapter 1098: War
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1098: War

The power from the shattering Sword Collection peak shook apart the surging, inky clouds, and a beam of sunlight landed on Li Qingshan. He gazed into the sky and thought to himself, Show me your true appearance!

An extremely strange “sword” hovered in the light. The hilt was irregular and uneven, while the sword itself was twisted and warped. If it were not for the dense sword qi, it would have been almost impossible to distinguish it to be a sword. It seemed more like a piece of trash that had ended in failure within the furnace. It made people uncomfortable no matter how they looked at it, igniting a sense of disgust and repulsion.

However, it was exactly this sword that controlled the Sword Domain of Heaven and Earth, powered the Sword Formation of Heaven and Earth, and enslaved elder Tian. There was probably no other weapon across the nine provinces that could rival it.

Li Qingshan suddenly realised something. The colossal, towering Sword Collection peak was just its “sheathe”. The battle had not ended yet. Perhaps this was only the beginning.

The swords fell like rain—all the swords that assembled the Sword Formation of Heaven and Earth fell from the sky, but they did not launch an attack, cast aside and relinquished like trash.

“Controlling these pieces of trash really is a waste of effort!”

“Elder Tian” gripped the hilt of the sword with his remaining hand. His body twisted, becoming even more deformed, like an object appended to the sword, only taking a form befitting the sword to unleash the power of the sword.

“And that old guy’s shitty domain can piss off too!”

“Elder Tian” swung the sword madly. The Sword Domain of Heaven and Earth that had not even collapsed under the Fierce King of Chu and the Dragon King of Ink Sea’s combined efforts was immediately destroyed.

The sword peak, the sword formation, the sword domain!

All of these foreign existences were cast aside and relinquished, only leaving behind a man and a sword, standing in the sky, or more accurately, just a sword, a sword even loathed by immortals.


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