Chapter 1097: Pride
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1097: Pride

The Sword Collection peak was blown to one side, with a great hole blasted open. Large boulders collapsed and shattered. In terms of destructive power alone, this weapon that only the king of a province could possess was truly unheard of. It was possible to say that this was the Fierce King of Chu’s strongest form. After all, unlike daemons, human cultivators had never been averse to using external objects. Even sword sects that placed the most emphasis on personal cultivation required an unmatched treasured sword, while the Scarlet Dragon King was the sword in the Fierce King of Chu’s hands.

Li Qingshan could not help but sigh. If the Scarlet Dragon King had been present during the battle that day, the outcome really would have been a mystery!

“Your majesty, long time no see. How have you been?” He greeted him with a smile, but with his mouth filled with sharp teeth, his smile obviously became very ferocious in appearance.

The Fierce King of Chu glanced at him and clasped his hands. “I’ve come late. Thank you for your assistance, dragon king!”

“I’m not assisting you, so there’s no need to thank me,” the Dragon King of Ink Sea said with composure.

“I obviously understand that, but thanking you is on me. It has nothing to do with you,” the Fierce King of Chu said indifferently.

Heh, look at the two of them! Li Qingshan grinned inside, but he also understood that given the current circumstances, they each possessed their own pride. They were not as casual as him.

As a result, a human king, a Daemon King, and a half-human, half daemon stood on the same front lines together despite the numerous disputes that existed between them.

With the three supreme cultivators of the Green province working together, the outcome of the battle seemed to be as clear as day!

“You damned…”

Elder Tian stabilised himself. His face became even more twisted and inhuman, but he could not finish what he was saying.

“A Thousand Autumns in a Painting!” The Dragon King of Ink Sea circled and flew, and the surroundings turned white. Apart from the inky clou

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