Chapter 1099: A Sharp Turn
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1099: A Sharp Turn

The Clear River prefecture.

The column of lightning pierced the world as the clouds and seas of insects dove into the light wave after wave like moths to a flame, endlessly, unceasingly.

Gu Yanying swung her folding fan, and a hundred tornadoes swept towards the insects, but she could no longer kill the locusts with ease. Suddenly, she shivered inside. The Soaring Locust King had disappeared from view. She swung her fan backwards, and the sharp atmospheric winds mixed with the hot winds of hell, whistling out together.

“You sure are quite sharp, but those who stand in my way will die! Possession of the Battle Demon!”

The Soaring Locust King abruptly appeared, buzzing his wings as he suddenly erupted with startling demon qi. He became clad in demonic armour with war banners on his back written with “Battle Demon”. He moved a little faster, advancing in the face of the attack and moving against the wind, lunging towards Gu Yanying.

Gu Yanying raised an eyebrow. A pair of powerful, white hawk wings unfurled behind her back, assuming a half-daemon form as she retreated backwards. She called out, “Li Qingshan!”

“Coming!” Li Qingshan shot over and threw a punch at the Soaring Locust King. His main body was currently focusing on fending off the Sword Collection peak, so his control over his mirror clone was much weaker. Seeing how the Soaring Locust King actually used the Possession of the Battle Demon, he was startled inside.

Sure enough, he’s comprehended it!

Even without the deductive calculations of the spirit turtle, the Soaring Locust King still managed to comprehend the true form of the Demon Suppression Statuary over so much time through his cultivation as a great Daemon King, making up for his greatest flaw. However, this was the worst piece of news possible to Li Qingshan. It meant that killing him on the spot was no longer possible.

“Die!” The Soaring Locust King flapped his wings, and razor-sharp light shot out.

A huge gash was ripped open in Li Qingshan’s chest, but there was no flesh or blood. There was only shimmerin

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