Chapter 1022 - Intimidation, Meeting Head-on
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1022 - Intimidation, Meeting Head-on

“You are you. Li Qingshan is Li Qingshan. You cannot get the two confused! If he really hasn’t fallen into the demonic path, why won’t he come and see me?” the Seven Treasures Monk King questioned.

The Dauntless monk said, “I’ll be honest with you senior brother, but the person listening to the Dharma Ceremony of Meditative Chan in the grand hall is Li Qingshan. If he really were a Demon King, would he still be alive?”

The Seven Treasures Monk King realised this too. Being able to listen to the Dharma Ceremony of Meditative Chan safely basically confirmed that Li Qingshan was not a Demon King, but he had not come all the way from the Dragon province to prove this.

“Then I’ll have to wait for the dharma ceremony to end. After that, please have him accompany me to the Dragon province.”

“Senior brother Seven Treasures, aren’t you going a little too far with that?”

The Dauntless monk became serious. Not to mention the fact that Li Qingshan’s cultivation method was a demonic art, the Dragon province basically belonged to the imperial clan, so they had countless ways to deal with him there.

“This has to do with a crown prince of the imperial clan. Even I dare not make a rash judgement about this. The final conclusion can only be determined at the Spirit Kṣetra temple by the religious preceptor of the left!”

The Dauntless monk and the Unraging monk exchanged glances. They both found this situation to be extremely troublesome. The opposition was also an eminent monk of buddhism, a Monk King whose title was conferred by the imperial court, so they could not treat him as an enemy. Once Li Qingshan emerged from there, it would definitely lead to a great mess.

Li Qingshan was not the kind of person who would just be led away by the nose. He could show mercy to the Unraging monk, but he would definitely be ready to kill a monk who had specially come here from the Dragon province to deal with him. By then, the situation would truly get out of hand.

In the blink of an eye, the entire night passed. As dawn broke, the buddhist glow

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