Chapter 1023 - The Bane of Monks
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1023 - The Bane of Monks

Li Qingshan smiled.

Xiao An drifted over to the grand hall and landed at the entrance. The sunlight turned one side of her golden. She smiled. Even the heavenly flowers and golden lotuses would have paled in comparison to her. She did not hide her aura, and she seemed to be wrapped in a holy haze, both with the self-restraint from the school of vinaya as well as the wisdom and natural grace of a disciple from the school of chan.

“Greetings, Dauntless abbot.”

“Amitābha, you’ve finally returned, One Will!”

The Dauntless monk held back his joy and uttered the buddha’s name softly. Compared to a stubborn and foolish secular disciple who had almost fallen into the demonic path like Li Qingshan, Xiao An was the true hope of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga, while her almost-divine speed of cultivation left him overjoyed yet again.

The Unraging monk glanced at Li Qingshan. Compared to his murderous, unruly appearance, Xiao An, who resembled a heavenly maiden, truly did possess a bearing that was more befitting of a buddhist disciple.

“You’re One Will?”

The Seven Treasures Monk King’s eyes lit up. He tried judging Xiao An harshly, but he realised he could not find any flaw with her at all. Even when she was only dressed in a plain set of blueish-white monk’s robes, it outshone his embroidered kasaya, yet he was simply unable to become envious of her.

Xiao An nodded and said nothing more.

“You want to face me?” the Seven Treasures Monk King asked.

Xiao An nodded again. Her rather-disrespectful silence instead gave her a sense of solemnity and grandeur, which the Seven Treasures Monk King could not resent at all. Instead, he said in praise, “I’ve heard many things about you even back in the Spirit Kṣetra temple. I didn’t expect you to have undergone the third heavenly tribulation already. You truly are a wondrous prodigy of buddhism!”

“The Monk King has been too kind.”

“You want to face me for his sake?” The Seven Treasures Monk King pointed at Li Qingshan.

“For the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga’s sake.” Xiao An brought her pal

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