Chapter 91: Four main cities
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 91: Four main cities

Without any suspense, all the rabbits that acted aggressively were sleeping on the ground. Feng Yao proudly put away the Fuxi Zither and walked over to hug Feng Xiao’s arm, as she said in a proud voice, “Big brother, am I powerful?”

“Powerful, too powerful. I almost jumped up in fear.” Feng Xiao patted her head as he spoke.

Feng Yao revealed a happy smile, eclipsing all the flowers and causing the world to dim. To get her big brother’s praise, that was always the happiest thing for her.

“Big brother, my level is still too low, so I can only use a small part of the Fuxi Zither’s might and there are many wonderful songs that I can’t play…..Especially the forbidden music. Not only does it sound ugly, it has terrifying effects, so I didn’t dare take another look.”

As expected.

Feng Xiao wasn’t surprised at all. Feng Yao was like him, she couldn’t use all the might of the ancient divine weapon, just like how he couldn’t use the other skills of the Xuanyuan Sword.

Moreover, there were several seals on his Xuanyuan Sword.

The seal on the Fuxi Zither should have been opened by Yao’er.

And as for the forbidden music Yao’er was talking about, it should be the taboo music of the Fuxi Zither. It should have a powerful effect and perhaps it didn’t lose to the Xuanyuan Sword’s ultimate skill Star Breaker. Only since Yao’er had scruples, it was better to give up on it since there was nothing more important than her.

“It’s fine Yao’er, you just need to be happy in the game. You don’t need to care about this skill if you don’t like it, you don’t need to worry that much……”

“Ding! Your friend ‘One Slash Howling Skies’ has logged on.”

“Ding, your friend ‘Ice’ has logged on.”

«Rebirth»’s update had added a notification for when friends log on, so Feng Xiao sent a message to Xiao Tian.

“Xiao Tian, your boss will be doing a quest, so I won’t be in the city that much. If you lack anything, you can go to ‘Popular World’.”

“Oh, I know.” Xiao Tian absent mindedly replied before saying in a strange voice, “Boss, were you together with my big sister yesterday afternoon?”

“Eh, ah…...It seems to be.” Feng Xiao’s heart filled with worry. What if Xiao Tian with his bad intentions found out?”

“Oh, I understand. Hei, hei, then it’s like this.” Xiao Tian gave a sly laugh before hanging up.

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