Chapter 90: Fuxi’s might
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 90: Fuxi’s might

The Tusk Rabbits saw their target was just a weak beauty, it was treating them as a weak persimmon that could be squashed at any time. They instantly jumped out and brandished their large sticks as they charged out.

Feng Yao revealed a faint smile as her slender jade fingers swept across the zither, softly stirring them. Graceful zither music came out that was like a clear valley spring, reverberating across the grass field.

“This… immoral music?” Feng Xiao was enchanted by the faint zither music that drifted out. Although Feng Yao’s zither technique was outstanding in real life, but this was his first time hearing this kind of transcendent music that went into one’s soul.

Immortal Music · Intoxicated Dream!

This same immortal music was a completely different feeling when it entered the ears of the rabbits. They froze and the flames in their eyes slowly disappeared as a strong sleepiness filled their hearts. They unknowingly let their sticks fall to the ground as they also slowly fell down.

Their target in front of them didn’t interest them at all, all they wanted to do right now was one thing, sleep.

Player name: Yao Dreams of Loving Winds

Job: Magician (Cleric)

Guild: None

Level: 15

Prestige: 330

Gold Coins: 90

Basic Attributes:

Strength: 1

Vitality: 125

Agility: 1

Intelligence: 412

Fixed Attributes:

Luck: 15

Perception: 5

HP: 1450

MP: 8850

Physical Attack: 2

Magic Attack: 825

Defense: 130

Search for the original.

Accuracy: 1

Evasion: 1

Attack Speed: Slow

Move Speed: 30

Reaction: 50

Pet: None

Mount: None

Fire Resistance: 5%

Water Resistance: 5%

Wind Resistance: 5%

Thunder Resistance: 5%

Earth Resistance: 5%

Light Resistance: 15%

Dark Resistance: -10%

The level 15 stats that Feng Yao shared with Feng Xiao shocked him. Her base vitality was 50 and she added all her points into it when she leveled, so it wasn’t that strange for her to have 125 vitality. But her 402 intelligence and close to ten thousand MP was just too shocking.

Could it be the Fuxi Zither? Feng Xiao quickly looked down.


Cure: Heals 30% of user’s HP. Costs 50 MP and has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

Recover: Heals the HP of the user and all allies within five meters. Recovery is intelligence*3. Costs 200 MP and has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

Light’s Guard: Passive skill. Grants Light Resistance +10%.

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