Chapter 89: Feng Yao, Fuxi
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 89: Feng Yao, Fuxi

Feng Xiao didn’t waste words and put on airs to say to Master Zhang Tian, “Master Zhang Tian, I’ll have to trouble you.”

“Alright, please stand still.”

“Emperor, Princess Shui Yue, goodbye……”

Princess Shui Yue looked at with a glare, as flames of rage almost shot out at him. Feng Xiao gave a careless smile as he looked right at her chest for a while.

Feeling his clear gaze,

“Heavenly Stars Vague Space Talisman!”

Master Zhang Tian roared as the yellow talisman crumpled in his hand. The three of them slowly faded before disappearing on the spot.

“I look forward to you smoothly finishing this quest. For my daughter and for an excuse for me to reward you.” The Heavenly Dragon Emperor looked at where they had disappeared as he muttered this.

“Humph! Actually going to provoke an Immortal Beast, overestimating yourself.” Princess Shui Yue angrily knit her brows and gave a snort.

The Heavenly Dragon Emperor looked at his daughter with a strange gaze. Since she had secretly gone to find Feng Xiao that day, she would easily become angry and wouldn’t be able to stand him.

With a flash of white light, the Feng siblings appeared on a small green hill. Although the surroundings weren’t shocking, they did give off a refreshing sensation that calmed a person.

“The two of you, this is a hundred kilometers to the west of Heavenly Dragon Imperial City and the limit of this lowly daoist’s abilities. The two of you just needs to keep heading west according to the map and you should reach that place in around two days.”

“Two days?” Feng Xiao thought it over. Compared to how big the Heavenly Dragon Continent was, two days journey indeed wasn’t long, but like this he would only leave five days for himself.

“Alright, many thanks daoist Zhang!”

“It’s just a slight effort. Now, I wish that everything goes smoothly for warrior Wind Spirit! This lowly daoist bids farewell!”

With a flash of white light, Master Zhang Tian disappeared and returned to Heavenly Dragon City.

“Big brother, this place is so soothing. I never knew that air could smell this good.” Feng Yao hugged Feng Xiao’s arm as she excitedly looked around, being infatuated with the fresh air around this place.

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