Chapter 88: Preparing to begin
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 88: Preparing to begin

The next day, after Feng Xiao finished his breakfast, him and Feng Yao were prepared to enter the game early. Without any play time restrictions, those people who wildly leveled would be online all day, so his advantage would certainly weaken. That meant he couldn’t slack off like before.

After Yang Xi Ruo was fed breakfast by Feng Xiao, she slowly fell back to sleep.

“Ding, welcome to the «Rebirth» world. The updates have been finished and there are many mysteries waiting for you to explore, please have fun in the game.”

Feng Xiao and Feng Yao went to the ‘Popular World’ store’s warehouse after logging on.

“Yao’er, you really want to come with me on the ‘Ice Spirit Herb’ quest? This quest is not at a normal level of danger, the enemy is an Immortal Beast that could kill me in an instant!”

Feng Xiao had already told his little sister his future plans and Feng Yao insisted that they would do it together. Wherever big brother went, she would also go, this was her habit since she was young. Even if she couldn’t obtain any experience, even if it was very dangerous.

“Relax big brother, I will run away or return to the city at the first sign of danger, I definitely won’t implicate big brother.” Feng Yao replied with a faint smile, giving him a gentle look that relaxed him.

“Un! You have to be careful. If my precious Yao’er was hurt, I would go crazy.” Feng Xiao softly stroked her dream like face.

Feng Yao revealed a sweet smile, “I know!”

“Then that’s good, Yao’er, you stay here and practice your appraisal skill with the remaining items. I’ll go back to the Feng House to talk to Ruo Ruo before heading to the royal palace.”

“Ruo Ruo?” Feng Yao raised one of her slender brows and her beautiful lips curled into a small curve.

“Go ahead, big brother!”

“I’ll be back soon.” Pretending not to see Feng Yao’s strange expression, Feng Xiao ran away.

“Big brother is really. He wouldn’t do it no matter how I urged him before, but now he’s not even letting off the girls of the system…...But that shy girl, whether it is her personality or appearance, it is good to be a bed warming maid for big brother in the game.” Feng Yao said some shocking things to herself.

“Young master…..Ah…..Don’t……”

Shui Ruo Ruo tightly held her maid skirt which she lifted, as her cheeks were so red that they almost seemed to be bleeding. Between her legs inside the skirt, there was a hand moving very quickly.

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