Chapter 87: Seven big updates
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 87: Seven big updates

China’s first military compound.

Xiao Tian was anxiously reading a magazine while silently praying for Feng Xiao.

“Ai, poor boss, I really don’t know how much he’ll suffer at the hands of my freak sister.”

The door softly opened and softly closed.

Xiao Tian casually looked over and after seeing Xiao Tong Ying, he stood up.

“My god, it can’t be that the sun rose from the west, right? Big sister actually didn’t kick in the door today, could it be that she was too happy from playing with boss?”

“Big sister, you’re back.” Xiao Tian carefully said as he waited for her charming smile.

“Un.” Xiao Tong Ying responded in a distracted voice.

Xiao Tian was stunned. He thought whether this was a plot or not before carefully asking, “Big sister, didn’t you wear a different set of clothes before heading out today?”

“What…..What do you care!” Xiao Tong Ying’s face turned red and her expression became a bit awkward. The soreness that came from her throat made her voice a bit unnatural.

Xiao Tian was completely stunned, he had never seen his big sister reveal this kind of expression before. He doubtfully moved around Xiao Tong Ying, as if making certain that she was really herself.

“Big sister, you…..are you alright? Why is your face this red? Moreover, your lips seem very red and they seem a bit swollen……”

Xiao Tong Ying became angry out of shame and roared at him, “Damn Xiao Tian, you don’t need to care about this old lady’s matters, scram.”

A familiar scent was mixed with Xiao Tong Ying’s scent as it hit Xiao Tian’s face. He couldn’t help sniffing as his face suddenly became very strange. After hesitating for a while, he carefully said, “Big sister, your mouth seems to have a strange scent. It’s like…...It’s like…..”


Xiao Tian was sent flying with a kick.


Xiao Tong Ying’s door was slammed closed.

Xiao Tian picked himself off the ground as he didn’t care at all as he patted off the non existent dirt. After being used as a target by Xiao Tong Ying for this long, his body had developed a resistance for being hit.

His strange eyes looked at his sister’s room. Xiao Tian rubbed his head as he kept thinking, connecting her strange actions and reactions, until he finally came to a conclusion that almost made him jump.

Big sister fell to the enemy!

Moreover someone had exploded in her mouth.

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