Chapter 86: Evil counterattack
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 86: Evil counterattack

“Do you want to run again?” The words in Feng Xiao’s ears scared out his soul. After that, he began screaming like he was being threatened with a blade.

“You maniac, pervert girl…...Save me! Rape……”

“Please keep calling out, no one will come save you even if you scream until your voice is gone.” Xiao Tong Ying giggled as she grabbed Feng Xiao’s lower body, using the blade in her other hand to scrape it.

“Little rascal, it seems to be bigger than before. Speak, did you ruin a few more girls……”


“You’re not speaking, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, it’ll be impossible for you to ruin other girls in the future since your good sister will turn you into a eunuch today.” Xiao Tong Ying slowly raised the Revolving Wind Blade, wanting to make a move.

Feng Xiao’s face turned white in fear and he swallowed desperately before stuttering out, “You….You can’t be serious, right?”

“Of course I’m serious. Un…...But little sister Yao’er will blame me if I really turn you into a eunuch…..” Xiao Tong Ying stopped the Revolving Wind Blade in her hand and lowered her head to think.

“Yes, yes……” Feng Xiao let out a long sigh of relief. That smooth hand almost made him choke with how good it felt, but his heart couldn’t enjoy it since he was afraid that this evil woman might accidentally really do it.

“Ah, I got it.” Xiao Tong Ying excitedly called out. Her right hand began moving slightly and that intense sensation charged to Feng Xiao’s head, causing his body to heat up.

“I won’t do it myself, I’ll have someone else do it…...Let’s find something…..Un, a snake would be a pretty good choice. This place is dark and moist, there should be a lot of them here.”

Search for the original.


“Xiao Tong Ying, you damn pervert! Old witch! Terrible woman! Old woman who can’t get married…..Don’t fall into this young master’s hands or I’ll rape and kill you, then rape and kill you, and do the same for three days straight…..” Feng Xiao was scared by all the times he almost went impotent and finally couldn’t take it as he exploded, saying everything in his heart.

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