Chapter 85: Demoness’ methods
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 85: Demoness’ methods

“Little brother Feng, we’re here. Do you remember this place with countless memories for us?” Xiao Tong Ying crossed her hands, lifting them up to look quite full. She looked at Feng Xiao and giggled, as her chest began to tremble from it.

“I remember, of course I remember.” Feng Xiao’s head was covered in cold sweat. It really was this place, this place with countless depressing memories.

This was a small forest in the suburbs that seemed quite eerie. It had a very terrifying legend about it, so almost no one dared to come here. Without knowing when, this place had become where Xiao Tong Ying abused Feng Xiao. When she was in a bad mood, a man’s pitiful scream would come from here, scaring all passerbys into running away. Everyone even said that there were even spirits in these forests.

“Little brother Feng, do you know why I called you here today?” Xiao Tong Ying’s smile didn’t fade as she looked at him with sparkling eyes. There was a strange glow that flashed in her charming eyes.

Feng Xiao quickly raised his hair that wouldn’t float and said with a face of facing death, “It was all little brother’s fault, you are free to kill as you wish, only…..” Feng Xiao’s face broke down, “Only little brother’s fault has no fault, so please show mercy to my clothes.”

While saying this, he secretly raised his chaos energy. In a situation where he couldn’t run, he definitely wouldn’t accidentally enter the gates of death.

She poked his acupuncture point when he was speaking and then faced a brutal encounter.

Xiao Tong Ying noticed Feng Xiao’s small actions and her lips curled into a dangerous smile.

Little rascal, you actually dare not come see me for this long, dare to block me in the game, dare to fear seeing me. You actually dare not be moved by my appearance, dare…...

If this old lady doesn’t tear off a layer of skin, I won’t be surnamed Xiao!

“Little brother Feng, big sister isn’t saying that you’re bad, big sister just thinks it’s been too long since we’ve met.” An aggrieved look appeared on Tong Xiao Ying’s face, looking like a victimized little wife.

This gentle and alluring expression made Feng Xiao raise his guard and he couldn’t help taking two steps back.

“Little brother Feng…..Look at little sister.”

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