Chapter 92: Xiao Xiao makes a move
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 92: Xiao Xiao makes a move

The territory of the Strange Cats.

The reason why they were called Strange Cats was naturally because these cats looked very strange. Although they were no different from normal cats, they were much bigger, being around the size of an adult.

Strange Cat: Level 25

HP: 1400

A cat that has mutated after eating Giant Grass. It has grown much more arrogant after growing bigger, liking to scare smaller animals. In order to follow the trend, they began feeding on grass.


Meow Ha Ha: Sends out a strange cry to scare enemies. Has a chance to make all surrounding enemies to fall into a three second feared state.

This group of Strange Cats was eating grass, blocking the way of the black and white Thousand Mile Horses.

“Xiao Xiao, you rabbit who eats without working, come out for me!”

With a roar and a flash of white light, the strongest Sacred Beast of the Heavenly Dragon Continent, the qilin fell to the ground as a little white ball. It then hugged its head as it gave an aggrieved “wu, wu” cry, looking at its master with its large pitiful eyes.

Feng Yao revealed a faint smile as she charmingly said, “Big brother, Xiao Xiao is the number one pet on the continent. You can only blame the fact that you’re too strong that it didn’t need to do anything, you can’t blame it.”

These half joyful and half teasing words made Feng Xiao felt dizzy. Xiao Xiao understood Feng Yao’s words and gave her a smile of gratitude before acting like a spoiled kid while hugging Feng Xiao’s leg.

Xiao Xiao actually…..smiled.

Feng Xiao rubbed his eyes before exchanging surprised looks with Feng Yao.

Pets could actually smile. A qilin was a qilin, it couldn’t be measured with logic.

After coming back to his senses, Feng Xiao said to Xiao Xiao, “It’s your chance to show off today, take care of this group of large cats blocking the path.”

Feng Yao also expectantly looked at Xiao Xiao. Although she had learned everything about Xiao Xiao yesterday from Feng Xiao, she had never seen it fight mobs before.

Even Feng Xiao hadn’t seen it before.

We are, find us on google.

Xiao Xiao listened to this command and its little legs bounced towards the Strange Cats. When it was around ten meters away, there was a flash of light on its forehead as a bolt of purple lightning flew out.


Feng Xiao almost fell off his horse.

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