Chapter 62: We can be brothers
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 62: We can be brothers

“You really can recognize this dagger. Speak, are you from the Shangguan, Sima, Ouyang, or Nalan family? There are quite a few that have heard of my blade, but to really see it, there are only those from those four families.” Feng Xiao’s eyes lit up.

Maid Liu knew that she had made a slip of the tongue and wanted to refute it, but her body couldn’t stop trembling. Blood Emperor Ying Feng, this name had a large deterrent effect on the southern four large families. This was because in the last three years, he would kill someone from the four families. As long as their names were picked by him, no matter how well protected they were, they would be mysteriously killed.

“You don’t want to speak? He, he, no problem. I just suddenly thought of a pitiful girl. Un, have you ever heard of Xiang Shu?” Feng Xiao’s voice suddenly became cold and his cold eyes glared at her.

Maid Liu’s eyes froze and she became depressed. She knew that the other side already knew everything and in front of the Blood Emperor Ying Feng, there was no point in saying anything.

“You won’t be a good head to the Miao Family, but you become a subordinate to the Nalan Family’s old man for some riches. Even if a girl is stupid, you need some limits.” Feng Xiao’s left hand waved in the air, opening the restrictions on Maid Liu. He softly said, “Go back and tell your clan that if they don’t want to be exterminated, scram back to the Miao Family’s land.”

Maid Liu regained her freedom and didn’t dare believe it for a while. She stood up and looked at Feng Xiao with an uncertain look.

“You…..You’re really letting me go? You’re not afraid of me leaking your identity?”

Feng Xiao was speechless. She was still this chatty after he let her go and didn’t even forget to give him a reason to kill her. It seemed like there was no cure for the Miao Family’s stupidity.

“I’ll give you three seconds to disappear from my sight…..3…..2…..Oh, oh, her speed isn’t slow!” Feng Xiao’s lips curled and he was disinclined from sparing the Miao Family’s person another glance.

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