Chapter 63: We’re going home
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 63: We’re going home

Even if the other side disdained being brothers with him, just based on the fact he saved his little sister and that he was the Blood Emperor Ying Feng, it was enough for him to bow his head.

Feng Xiao was speechless. This was a little too easy.

Xiao Tian, Xiao Bing, our group will have an extra member now. Moreover, it is someone who definitely will not disappoint you.

“Alright, Ao Tian, I know about your grudge with the Ximen Family. Although I am your big brother, your own grudge can only be solved by yourself. As brothers, I can only give you a bit of help.” Feng Xiao patted Yang Ao Tian’s shoulder.

“Un, big brother, I understand.” There was a moved look in Yang Ao Tian’s eyes.

“Big brother, can I ask you about two things?” That cold and respectful voice gave people a sense of strength.

“There is no can or cannot between brothers, just ask.” Feng Xiao had a self important look on his face.

“Big brother, how did you learn me and Ruo Ruo’s matter?” Yang Ao Tian asked the thing he was always curious about.

“As expected…..” Feng Xiao let out a secret sigh. This matter couldn’t be hidden in the end. A terrifying technique like reading people’s memories, this was not something that could be revealed to others.

“I have my own intelligence network.” Feng Xiao could only reply like this.

Yang Ao Tian was born after the Ximen Family Head Ximen Ye raped a servant named Yang Ru while being pregnant. Because the Ximen Family was lacking people, Ximen Ye accepted Yang Ru and Yang Ao Tian on orders from the former Family Head Ximen Xiong, accepting Yang Ru as a concubine. Monogamy recognized in China was just empty words in front of these large families.

Only after Yang Ru was married, she was frequently bullied and Ximen Ye didn’t spare her a single glance. The first wife Nalan Yi Ping always ridiculed her, using her fists and legs against her, even the lowest maids were allowed to order her around. This Ximen second madame in name lived the most dirty life, but for her child, she silently endured it all.

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