Chapter 64: Xi Ruo’s new home
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 64: Xi Ruo’s new home

“Big brother Feng, where are you bringing me?”


“To…..your home?”

“Un, but it will also be your home.”

“From now on….you’ll take care of me.”

“It’ll be my little sister.”

“Big brother Feng’s little sister?” Yang Xi Ruo let out a sigh of relief in her heart, but there was also a sense of loss that she didn’t realize.

“We’re here.”

He carried Yang Xi Ruo out of the taxi and Feng Xiao slowly walked towards his villa.

The taxi driver looked at the two of them in a daze and the shock in his eyes wasn’t hidden as he gave a sigh after a long time, “A true golden couple!”

Feng Xiao moved at a strange pace in front of his house, swaying back and forth. This Chaotic Shadow Array was an array only he could deploy, using chaotic energy to twist space, making people who moved forward move to the sides or back, making people who moved to the side move the other direction or backwards. Other than a few people who knew how to move specifically, there was nothing else that could approach his house. Even if a missile flew at his house, it would change direction from the spatial twisting.

Feng Xiao counted his steps and arrived in front of the door after a few moments. He was holding Xi Ruo in his hand and couldn’t open the door, so he could only shout out, “Yao’er, I’m home.”

There were rushed footsteps that came from within and the door was quickly opened. Feng Yao anxiously stood there and suddenly saw Feng Xiao carrying a beauty, causing her expression to become strange.

“Big brother, you’re back. She is?” Feng Yao looked into Feng Xiao’s eyes with a profound meaning.

“Hello, big sister Feng. I am called Yang Xi Ruo.” Yang Xi Ruo slightly raised her head, speaking with a faint smile.

Such a graceful girl, she should be…..worthy of big brother, but does he need to keep carrying her? That is the embrace that belonged to her. Feng Xiao thought in a bitter voice.

“I brought back an elder…..Ke, ke, a little sister. Let’s go in first, I’ll explain to you in a bit.” Feng Xiao brought Yang Xi Ruo into Feng Yao’s room and softly placed her in the bed.

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