Chapter 65: Princess Shui Yue
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 65: Princess Shui Yue

“Ding, ling, ling…..” At 12 at night, a ringtone that had been eliminated for two hundred years floated into the air and almost made Feng Xiao who was cultivating the Chaotic Art almost fell off the bed. He angrily picked up the cellphone. The people who knew his number could be counted on one hand, so he already vaguely guessed who it was.

“Wa, ha, ha, ha, ha, I am finally back…..” As expected, when he picked up the phone, Xiao Tian’s wild laughter came out. Feng Xiao quickly moved the cellphone fifty centimeters away from his ear in order to avoid being affected by his craziness.

“Old second, didn’t you say a week? It seems like it’s only been six days.” Feng Xiao said with a yawn.

“It should have been seven days, but me and the ice cube in order to come back early to complete our undertaking in «Rebirth», so we trained like crazy and finally took three moves from old man Ye, letting us go free beforehand. But, boss, didn’t you say that you wouldn’t call me old second? This is the biggest shame in my life…..” Mentioning the words “old second”, Xiao Tian wanted to cry. It was because he was younger than Feng Xiao by one month and older than Chen Bing by two months. He was handsome and dashing, a single smile would bring in all the girls in China, but he had to carry this shameful “old second” name.

Old man Ye? Feng Xiao began to sweat. The old man Ye Xiao Tian mentioned was only forty years old.

“It’ll be hard to call you ‘old second’ in the future anyway. I won’t talk about this. Since you’re coming back, I’ll give you a great and honourable quest. Un, get another gaming chamber for me.” He and Yao’er were lying in gaming chambers, he couldn’t let Yang Xi Ruo with the weakest body sit there with the gaming helmet. This fool Xiao Tian came right in time, it wouldn’t be right for him not to blackmail him a bit.

«Rebirth» bound accounts to one’s genes, it was a very intimate relationship. One could easily change from using the gaming helmet to the gaming chamber.

“Hey, hey, boss, this little brother’s spending money is a bit limited……”

“Nonsense, one hundred thousand RMB is nothing in your eyes. There’s no discussion, or don’t come to my house anymore.”

“No, no.” Xiao Tian immediately became obedient, “Boss, don’t be too ruthless. I’ll go crazy if I can’t see my little sister Yao’er.”

Feng Xiao’s heart was stuffed up as he said with a forced laugh, “Don’t you still have the Liu Family’s young miss, what are you thinking about my little sister for.”

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