Chapter 35: Surprise meeting, Purple Lightning Qilin!
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 35: Surprise meeting, Purple Lightning Qilin!

The siblings finished their dinner at 7:00 pm and then Feng Xiao helped his little sister set up her gaming chamber, before the two of them entered the game together.

Feng Xiao and Feng Yao’s gaming chambers were sent by Xiao Tian, otherwise Feng Xiao would not have wasted one hundred thousand RMB to buy a gaming chamber that was just a little more convenient than an one hundred RMB gaming helmet.

Thinking of Xiao Tian, he gave a gentle sigh. No one could resist Feng Yao’s charm and even Xiao Tian fell deeply in love with her the first time he saw her. Moreover, he could extract himself from that love…..

Perhaps Yao’er had a large part in why he insisted on calling him boss.

“Ding, welcome back to the «Rebirth» world. We hope you have a happy time playing!”

With that system prompt given in a delightful voice, Feng Yao entered the Beginner Village with a flash of white light. There was a simple beginner’s cloth veil on her face that hid her fairy like appearance. However, with that white veil on, it made increased her mysterious charm, stimulating everyone’s imagination, wishing to see her fairy like appearance.

(PS: In order to protect a female player’s privacy, the system will give a free veil when they create a new character.)

Although the game had been opened for five days, there were tens of thousands of people joining everyday, turning the Beginner Village into a sea of people, full of bustle. Feng Yao’s appearance made the noisy Beginner Village suddenly turn silent as countless people watched this immortal descent to earth, completely forgetting what they were doing.

That poetic and dream like posture that was like a fairy and that elegant temperament shocked their eyes and mind. It all made them feel ashamed and no one dared to approach her.

Feng Yao had encountered this scene many times, so she just revealed a helpless smile and ignored it all. She slowly walked to the empty northwest corner of the Beginner Village and thought the name Wind Spirit. In the mind, she gently called out, “Big brother!”

“Ding, the player you have called is in a special map and is unable to contact the outside world!”

“Special map? Perhaps big brother is doing a special quest, then I shouldn’t bother big brother.” Feng Yao revealed a gentle smile. With a thought, there was an extra white glowing seven stringed zither in her hands!

“Then I’ll go and level. I can’t fall too far behind big brother!”

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