Chapter 34: Fu Xi’s Zither!?
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 34: Fu Xi’s Zither!?

“Big brother, you didn’t visit me for an entire month, you really are cruel!” When she returned home with Feng Xiao, Feng Yao spoke in an aggrieved voice, but her eyes were still filled with happiness at seeing her brother.

“Un, it’s big brother’s fault, so you can punish big brother however you want~” Gently hugging Feng Yao’s jade like skin, Feng Xiao’s heart was filled with warmth and happiness. Cherishing this feeling, he did not want to leave her again.

He could only count the days that he had waited for her.

“Big brother…..” Those beautiful jade like cheeks were filled with feelings of yearning and love, making Feng Xiao being unable to feel ecstatic. The past her was like a lollipop that stuck to him, crying whenever she couldn’t see him for more than half an hour…...Although the present her had turned into a fairy with peerless grace and talent, her dependence on him did not decrease at all.


Regardless of the other aspects of Feng Xiao’s life, he would only take care of himself on a daily basis. His little sister had been gone for a month and the house was already in a mess. Feng Yao looked at him with a slightly blaming look and Feng Xiao stretched out his hands, speaking in an aggrieved voice, “It’s not what you’re used to…..”

Feng Yao was like a little wife as she cleaned everything in the room for an entire afternoon until it looked decent.

Feng Xiao silently stared at his little sister’s figure that flew across the room like a little butterfly. Every time he wanted to help, he was pushed back onto the couch by her.

Feng Yao was younger than him by three years, but she was intelligent and gentle, elegant and illusive, having a kind of noble and sacred air around her. He had always suspected that his little sister was an immortal from the heavens. They had grown up together, but even though she was a little sister, she acted like an older sister, always taking care of him. She cared more about him than she cared about herself.

His little sister always arranged everything and prepared everything, doing everything to make sure that he was happy. When he was tired, she patted his back for him, when he was hungry, she made him his favourite meal, when he was happy, she shared his joy, and when he was hurt, she gently healed his wounds. She was like an angel, slowly becoming his most important thing, becoming his everything.

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