Chapter 36: The sadness of the Purple Lightning Qilin
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 36: The sadness of the Purple Lightning Qilin

“Ah! You…..The sword in your hand is…..” The purple light disappeared and the voice cut off. Feng Xiao looked up with a doubtful gaze, looking at the qilin’s surprised eyes.

“Does it recognize the Xuanyuan Sword?”

Feng Xiao relaxed after thinking about it for a bit. This qilin that survived for several hundreds of millions of years should know the past and present, so how could it not recognize the Xuanyuan Sword that shook the three realms? Feng Xiao very cleanly replied, “Xuanyuan Sword!”

Obtaining Feng Xiao’s affirmative response, the qilin instead calmed down and coldly said, “Human, you should be here for my essence blood!”

“Yes! The Xuanyuan Sword has been sealed and needs qilin blood to unseal it!” Although he was surprised by the other side’s knowledge of the Xuanyuan Sword, his heart filled with hope. Since it knew the Xuanyuan Sword’s condition and his reason for coming, perhaps it would take the initiative to help. After all, it was a beast of justice.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha……” The qilin suddenly gave a strange laughter that rang in Feng Xiao’s ears like thunder. He could clearly tell that there was a sadness that could not be concealed in its laughter.

“If…..If you came a day earlier, perhaps I would have helped you for free, but right now, what does the Xuanyuan Sword’s seal and its master have to do with me? Why should I solve a problem that isn’t related to me!”

The Purple Lightning Qilin’s words were like a bucket of cold water falling on Feng Xiao. He spoke in an indignant voice ,”Since you are a qilin, you naturally know that the continent will soon suffer a large problem. At that time, the life forms on the continent you have protected will die out. Do you not hope for the Xuanyuan Sword to release its seals and fight this disaster with its greatest strength!?”

Feng Xiao spoke in a righteous voice, but his heart couldn’t help turning weak. He had heard these words from the Heavenly Dragon Emperor, but it would be a shame to his family if they were false.

“He, he ~ Human, even if you release the second seal, how sure are you and how much time do you have to release the other five seals on the Xuanyuan Sword? The legend say that each seal is harder than the last! To use a millenium of my cultivation for this impossible goal, why don’t I just keep this power to deal with the disaster!”

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