Chapter 37: Reborn qilin child
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 37: Reborn qilin child


When the blood touched the qilin egg, a strong golden light appeared that instantly surrounded the qilin egg. The aura of death that surrounded it was swallowed by the golden light, not leaving a trace.

“Chaos…...Chaotic blood!” The Purple Lightning Qilin’s mood was stabilized after a several hundred million years, but it could not contain itself at this moment. With an alarmed cry, it watched everything with a shocked face!

The golden light lasted for an entire minute before it slowly returned to Feng Xiao’s body, integrating back in. The qilin egg also slowly began to release a white glow!

“Ding, you have absorbed the Dual Headed Illusory Eye Nether Wolf. The death attribute energy inside your body has been stimulated and you have comprehended the skill ‘Ring of Death’.”

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Ring of Death: Death attributed support skill

Uses the power of death to create a ring of death around the user to enhance their abilities.

Effect: 3% of instant death on attacks, 10% resistance against death element, 20% resistance against instant death, and 50% resistance against losing the user’s soul. Costs 10 MP to use and lasts 10 minutes. There is no cooldown time.

“I actually comprehended a death attribute skill! Could it be that Magic Warrior that also has death attribute as well as wind, water, fire, water, and thunder?”

Concerning the death attribute, Feng Xiao learned it a few days ago from the official. It was a variant of the dark attribute, one that could appear on a few undead monsters. The most important thing was that it added the terrifying instant death attribute and any other special feature required the player to find out themself.

“Human, you actually have a chaos body! You’ve really shocked me! I never thought that after several billion years, there is another human that had a chaos body. It really is no wonder that you’re the master of the Xuanyuan Sword!”

The Purple Lightning Qilin said in a shocked and serious voice. Feng Xiao stared at the egg and somewhat anxiously asked, “Did it succeed like this?”

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