Chapter 38: This is…..a qilin?
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 38: This is…..a qilin?

“Dual attributed qilin? Is it even stronger?” Feng Xiao asked.

“Yes.” The Purple Lightning Qilin replied, “A dual attributed qilin is a whole level stronger compared to the single attributed qilin. Our qilin race has a special ability, elemental fusion. We can fuse magic of two different elements to turn it into a stronger magic. Magic fusion is not as simple as one plus one, as low level thunder and fire magic combined will be as strong as intermediate level fire or thunder magic. If high level magic combines, it could even form a forbidden level magic attack!”

Feng Xiao was flabbergasted as he said in a shocked voice, “That strong!” If this ability was given to a player, a level 10 player could release level 50 magic, level 50 players could release level 80 magic, and level 80 players might even be able to release level 150 forbidden level magic spells.

A player with this kind of ability would be considered abnormal. If it was placed on the king of sacred beasts, the qilin…..he didn’t dare imagine it.

“However, dual attributed qilin are very rare, they are formed from the chaos. There have been over forty qilins over several billion years for our qilin race, but there have only been two dual attributed qilins. Moreover, they were all born through tribulations…..”

“Zheng……” A green ray was released from the qilin egg.

“What?!” The Purple Lightning Qilin almost jumped up, “Three attributes. It’s actually a three attributed qilin……”

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“Zheng…..” When the Purple Lightning Qilin’s voice fell, another yellow light was released from the qilin egg.

Purple Lightning Qilin: “......”

“Zheng……” It was followed by a blue ray being released from the qilin egg.

Purple, red, green, yellow, and blue, five colours intertwined as they sparkled. They combined and divided and with each combination, there would be a completely different mixed colour formed. The qilin egg was like an ever changing three dimensional picture.

The Purple Lightning Qilin trembled, being so excited that it could not speak. After a while, it spat out a word from between its teeth that made Feng Xiao shocked.


“Five Elemental Saint Qilin…...The legendary Five Elemental Saint Qilin…..”

“Zheng……” Then instant the five colours blended into a white colour, another grey ray was released by the qilin egg.


The Purple Lightning Qilin fell to the ground.

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