Chapter 39: Nether Five Elemental Saint Qilin
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 39: Nether Five Elemental Saint Qilin

The Purple Lightning Qilin slowly walked over to Feng Xiao, but its eyes were on the little qilin at its feet the whole time.

“If my guesses aren’t wrong, the Five Elemental Saint Qilin was born because of your chaotic blood, so your body should have five elements! No, perhaps even more.”

“Only, strangely I can’t sense the power of a qilin fro it. Otherwise, even though it is a newly born Five Elemental Saint Qilin, it should be stronger than me!”

“What? That strong?” Feng Xiao was amazed. This newly born anomaly was already this strong, how strong would it be in the future.

The Purple Lightning Qilin raised a hand to stroke the little qilin’s head, but it dodged behind Feng Xiao and looked at him with a cautious gaze. The Purple Lightning Qilin gave a bitter smile.

“He, he, this…..” Feng Xiao felt a bit awkward. After all, this was a child the qilin suffered countless hardships to give birth to.

“I understand. Since you saved him, I knew this would be the result, but I am still thankful towards you. After all, without you, it would not have the chance to live. Your spirit contract won’t be broken unless one side dies, so I hope you can be a good master to my child!”

The Purple Lightning Qilin’s voice was filled with sadness and reluctance, but he could already see what happened. He who had been through billions of years knew what he should and shouldn’t do.

“You can be assured, it will become my closest partner!” Feng Xiao said with a serious voice.

“He, he, I believe that you with the chaos body will not bring disgrace to it. Alright, now I’ll fulfill my commitment and give you the essence blood you need! Give my the Spiritual Jade Bottle you have.”

“It even knows what I have inside my inventory…..” Feng Xiao broke out in a sweat before giving the Spiritual Jade Bottle to the Purple Lightning Qilin.

Receiving the bottle, the Purple Lightning Qilin revealed a serious expression. He placed a finger on the purple lightning bead on his head and the purple lightning bead exploded with light, causing a trace of lightning to slowly gather at the tip of his finger…..

“Condensing the essence blood takes this long?”

“Ah! Wait a minute boss qilin, can you give me two drops? The Heavenly Dragon Emperor also needs your essence blood to cure his illness!” Feng Xiao wished he could slam into a wall, he had almost forgot about this Hidden Quest.

The Purple Lightning Qilin did not respond, as if it could not speak.

“I’ll treat it as silent agreement!” Feng Xiao laughed.

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