Chapter 40: Qilin’s Blessing
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 40: Qilin’s Blessing

“Alright, Wind Spirit, here is the two drops of qilin blood you wanted.” The Spiritual Jade Bottle floated into Feng Xiao’s hands.

“Two drops?” Feng Xiao never thought the qilin would be this generous.

“He, he, I’ve already said it. As long as you save my child, I will agree to any requests you have. Not to mention the fact that after it recovers its qilin power, I will disappear from the Heavenly Dragon Continent, so what does it matter if I leave a few drops of blood.” The purple bead on the Purple Lightning Qilin’s head was quite a bit dimmer and its face looked very weary. It seemed it had suddenly aged quite a bit.

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“Thank you, boss qilin. Ah? You’re saying its qilin power can be recovered?”

“It had no way of recovering it before, but as long as it stays with you and slowly absorb your chaos power, I think it should be able to gradually recover its qilin power!”

“It’s good if it can recover.” Feng Xiao gave a sigh of relief and carefully placed the Spiritual Jade Bottle into his inventory.

The Purple Lightning Qilin had a calm smile as he pointed to the side and said, “Wing Spirit, that Nether Wolf’s corpse will disappear in half an hour, so go and try using your Gathering Skill on it. It’s a pity that the things it dropped has already disappeared, otherwise I could have given it to you as a thank you gift.”

In «Rebirth», normal monster corpse would last a minute, bosses would last 10 minutes, Immortal Beasts would last for 20 minutes, Divine Beasts would last for half an hour, Supreme Divine Beasts would last for an hour, and Sacred Beasts would never disappear. There have been people that had fought Divine Beasts before, but as for Supreme Divine Beasts and Sacred Beasts, there had never been a Supreme Divine Beast and Sacred Beast that had died in a non natural manner. It seemed like the Dual Headed Illusory Eye Nether Wolf slapped to death by the Purple Lightning Qilin was the only one.

Only, the items dropped by Supreme Divine Beasts would at least be Divine Equipment, but the Purple Lightning Qilin had allowed it to disappear. Feng Xiao couldn’t help feeling pain deep down.

But trying to gather a Supreme Divine Beast’s corpse, normal people would not dare think of this.

Without saying anything else, Feng Xiao rushed in front of the Dual Headed Illusory Eye Nether Wolf and began to use his intermediate grade Gathering Technique on it.

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