Chapter 326: Heavenly Tribulation! Xuanyuan Profound Heaven Sword (Part 1)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 326: Heavenly Tribulation! Xuanyuan Profound Heaven Sword (Part 1)

Feng Xiao quickly shook his head to deny this. He was never willing to believe that white clothed woman with a poor temperament was the Heavenly Dragon Goddess. As the highest god of the continent, an unparalleled existence that surpasses the Five Sacred Beasts, how could she guard the Shennong Cauldron? Moreover, her temperament really didn’t match her title as a “goddess”.

“Thinking about it, the forging on that side should be done. Perhaps it’s because we’re on a Hidden Map that Wan’er can’t contact me.”

Holding Feng Yao’s left hand, the two stood on the transport array together. With a flash of white and yellow light, the two of them disappeared.

When they appeared again, they were at the Beginner Village resurrection area. Feng Xiao immediately looked at the blacksmith in the distance and what he was surprised by was that the door was still closed. There weren’t any movements and he couldn’t even hear any sound from it.

“Wan’er, are you still there?” Feng Xiao used his mind to contact Xuanyuan Wan’er. As long as they weren’t too far away, they could contact each other with their thoughts.

“Big brother Feng…….The Sacred Grade and Super Sacred Grade forging takes a long time, it might still take some time……This uncle’s already overdrawn his vitality, but he’s still going all out……”

Feng Xiao let out a sigh of relief, “I understand. It’s good that you’re fine.”

“It might take a long time before the forging is done.” Feng Xiao turned to Feng Yao as he said this. But his eyes froze as he looked in the direction, as when he looked at Feng Xiao, he also saw the withered old man in the corner. His completely withered body wasn’t moving at all, as if he had already become a stiff corpse.

He had actually fallen this far.

“Then should we go……level?” Not noticing the change in Feng Xiao’s eyes, Feng Yao tightly held him as she spoke in a voice as gentle as a breeze.

Feng Xiao looked back and gave a nod, “Un, let’s go level. I remember that there are level 10 goblins near the north of the Beginner Village, so let’s go ther

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