Chapter 325: Asura’s Soul Wings
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 325: Asura’s Soul Wings

“Big brother, the red dot on your forehead is glowing.”

“I know.” Although he couldn’t see the Asura’s Evil Seal, he knew that it also released the red glow of resonance. If there was a piece of Asura Equipment on him, it would be doing the same. Only when the equipment was put on him would the resonance light disappear.

In front of him was a fierce looking large hole. The purple light that was still flickering around it hadn’t disappeared yet. In the hole, there was a strange pair of black wings that had a red glow to them.

Asura Equipment! It was Asura Equipment that fell from the sky!

Without having time to be amazed or to think about it, Feng Xiao quickly went forward and grabbed the large pair of wings.

It was like a pair of demon wings. After they were fully opened, each one was more than two meters long. There were eight blood red veins releasing killing intent that made up the outline of the wings. Countless irregular blood red magic lines spread out from it without any pattern. There weren’t any feathers on the wings, there was just an ice cold glow. The edges that were like sharp blades made one’s heart turn cold.

Asura’s Soul Wings: Divine Equipment

Requirement: Asura Job.

This was Luo Jia’s Immortal Cloak Mind Spiritual Wind Wings, but after soaking in the blood of ten thousand people and being bathed in killing intent, it gradually evolved into the Divine Equipment Asura’s Soul Wings.


Defense +500, all four major stats +150, HP +1000, MP +1000, Agility +30%, Move Speed +10, Wind Resistance +10%, and can fly freely in the air at a height of no more than 30 meters after equipping this.


Soul Wing’s Protection: Uses the asura power to protect the user’s back, causing all attacks to the back to be negated. Costs 100 MP and lasts 1 minute. Has a cooldown of 1 hour.

Asura’s Bloodlust Array: Uses the bloodlust in the Asura’s Soul Wings to form the Bloodlust Array. After activation, it will wildly swallow all targets’ HP in a certain range. Has an effective range of 30 meters aroun

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