Chapter 327: Heavenly Tribulation! Xuanyuan Profound Heaven Sword (Part 2)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 327: Heavenly Tribulation! Xuanyuan Profound Heaven Sword (Part 2)

The gray clouds turned purple and Feng Xiao’s eyes became more and more serious. Finally, there was a golden glow that came from the slits of the blacksmith shop. At the same time, there was a boom of thunder in the sky as a several meter thick bolt of lightning fell down.

“It’s here! Let me see how strong the heavenly tribulation is!”

The jet black wings spread and a strange wind energy quickly flowed from them. Feng Xiao jumped up and flew several meters up like a black arrow, charging right at that fearsome looking thunder.


Feng Xiao’s figure was swallowed by the lightning. The giant lightning bolt wasn’t hindered at all and fell down with a shocking momentum.


The flowing thunder created a giant explosion. With this turbulent thunder power, the blacksmith shop was turned to ashes and disappeared without a trace.

The purple cloud in the sky soon completely scattered and the Beginner Village lit up again. Feng Yao looked at the large hole in the distance with a shocked look before running over in a panic.

The lightning energy was just too much and didn’t dissipate for a long time. Feng Yao stopped because in the middle of that chaotic purple light, there was a clear dazzling golden glow.

With a flash of blue light from her chest, Feng Xiao who was covered in the golden glow wielding the Xuanyuan Sword appeared beside her. In his hand was Tie Wu Ya who had been slammed into the ground.

When he was swallowed by the lightning, Feng Xiao knew that he couldn’t stop the lightning. He used his final “Space Gate” of the day to appear by Tie Wu Ya and grabbed the finished Xuanyuan Sword. He ignited the Xuanyuan Sacred Flames when the thunder fell down on him.

The Xuanyuan Sword’s invincible state was something that even the heavenly thunder couldn’t destroy.

The metallic glows around Tie Wu Ya kept fluttering until the final glow appeared. It was actually……black.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha……Ha, ha, ha, ha……”

Tie Wu Ya sat on the ground laughing like a madman. There wasn’t a trace of fear in his heart, as if

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