Chapter 29: Undead Wolf’s Spirit Sword
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 29: Undead Wolf’s Spirit Sword

Undead Wolf: Level 30 Normal Boss

HP: 4500

A pet that an undead knight subdued a thousand years ago. It has a strong destructive might.

Innate Skills:

Undead Body: Grants a strong immunity to death attributed skills and adds 50 undead attributed damage to normal attacks.

Undead Rending Claws: Raises its claws to attack the enemy twice, increasing damage by 10%.

Undead Roar: Gives a roar of desperation that increases the user’s attack and move speed by 10% each.

Although he could not move, by controlling his mind, his “Spirit’s Eye” still gave him information on the Undead Wolf.

After three seconds, the Spirit Knight formed another spear in his hands and roared as he charged out with the Undead Wolf. At this time, Feng Xiao was still in a dizzy state.

-312, -122, miss.

The fourth second.

-302, -226, -118.

The fifth second.

After around 5 seconds, he finally recovered from the dizzy state and could move again. Seeing that he lost over half his HP, Feng Xiao gave an angry roar as his sword slashed out at the Undead Wolf beside him. A -629 damage figure appeared above the Undead Wolf’s head as a miss appeared above his own head.

There was only a Spirit Knight that barely had any HP left. It used the same tricks and raised its spear as it prepared to throw it out…….

“Che, let’s see if your spear’s faster or if this young master’s sword is faster!” The sword flew out as fast as a meteor, closing the distance giving it no time to escape. So before the Spirit Knight could even make a move, a “Wind Wheel Slash” was sent at it.

With a “pa, pa” sound, two attacks landed and the Spirit Knight fell to the floor.

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for killing the Silver Level Boss, the Spirit Knight. You have gained 20 prestige.”

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for reaching level 15. HP +20, MP +20, Strength +1, Vitality +1, Agility +1, Intelligence +1. You have gained 5 free stat points to assign.”

When the Undead Wolf saw its master die, it gave a roar and charged forward. Slashing out

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