Chapter 28: Spirit Knight
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 28: Spirit Knight

“Perhaps it’s a boss.”

White Clothed Guard: Level 20 Normal Boss

HP: 2500

Guards the second floor entrance of the Death God’s Tomb. It will continuously chase down all intruders.


Watch my big blade: It forcefully uses the large blade in its hands. Has a high probability of dealing double damage.

Angry Roar: A loud roar that will raise its strength by 10%.

“It’s still a guard. These undead things actually still know about titles.” But after finally finding the entrance to the second floor, Feng Xiao charged forward.

Fighting against three level 20 Normal Bosses, Feng Xiao did not worry at all. He calculated the distance perfectly to release an Ice Shattering Slash while avoiding the blades of the two guards at the same time.

-1537, -1499, -1493.

The guards that had been attacked had their HP emptied as they fell to the ground. The remaining guard was covered in ice and had been completely frozen, not moving at all.

The 10% freeze effect!

The final guard’s attack finally arrived and a large miss appeared above Feng Xiao’s head. Feng Xiao began to laugh as he impolitely cut down the frozen guard with two slashes. Then ignoring the final guard’s attacks, he killed it with two Ice Shattering Slashes.

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for killing three White Clothed Guard Bosses. You have gained 30 prestige.”

“This level 20 boss, isn’t it too easy to beat?” Feng Xiao picked up the coins and equipment that dropped and used the “Gathering Skill” on the corpses on the ground.

“Dign, there is nothing that can be gathered from the White Clothed Guards’ bodies!”

“The small monsters had nothing, but the bosses also had nothing. Could it be that there is nothing to gather from the monsters here?” Feng Xiao helplessly stood up as he walked towards a gate.

As soon as he arrived in front of the gate, a “gezhi, gezhi” sound rang out and the gate automatically opened. There was a dark tunnel behind it that lead to the second floor of the Death God’s Tomb.

Feng Xiao did not dare to be careless, so he slowly walked down the descending staircase. Although he was below ground, the light coming from the crystal stones embedded in the wall and ceiling made it as bright as day.

As soon as he touched the ground, a cold glow shot at him. He was not startled as he quickly moved back and a spear passed in front of him.

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