Chapter 27: Death God’s Tomb
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 27: Death God’s Tomb

“Oh, then old man Tian Xiu, do you know a suitable place for me to level up in?” With Asura’s Illusion giving him an extra 50% in damage, it would be a waste of nature’s resources if he did not make use of this.

“Humph, I knew you would ask this.” Tian Xiu had an expression like he expected this as he said, “Do dead people count as people?”

“Uh, it should barely count. Old man Tian Xiu, you wouldn’t be having me kill zombies, right?” Feng Xiao had a disgusted look on his face as he looked at Tian Xiu in a dissatisfied manner.

“Do zombies count as people! I’m talking about the Death God’s Tomb! It is a place that only we Asuras can enter!”

“Death God’s Tomb? It sounds quite scary.”

“You don’t have to go if you’re scared. Thinking back, I spent three years practicing there and I wasn’t scared once.” Tian Xiu said with a face of disdain.

“Che! Did I say I was afraid? But why can only Asuras go in?” Feng Xiao asked in a curious voice.

“The Death God’s Tomb is filled with death qi. If a normal person enters in, the death qi will drain their life until they die, but we Asuras can negate damage from death qi.”

“It’s said that the Death God’s Tomb has seven floors and each floor has various guards or demons guarding it. They are just spirits formed by the death qi. It’s said that the last floor of the Death God’s Tomb has the Death God sealed in and it’s unknown whether it is true or not. With my skills, I was only able to reach the fifth floor, but I really want to see what the Death God is like.” Tian Xiu revealed a look of slight regret.

“Alright, then I’ll go. I have to become stronger immediately. I’ll see you later old man Tian Xiu!” When he gathered enough information, Feng Xiao ran off as fast as the wind.

Tian Xie was speechless as he resisted the urge to angrily chase after him.

After three minutes…….

Feng Xiao ran back with a head covered in sweat. He had a face of despair as he asked, “How do I get to the Death God’s Tomb……”

“Fuck, I knew it would be like this! How did a harebrained person like you become one of the great Asuras! Also, what did I give you that map for…..” Tian Xiu turned to scold him. Feng Xiao just agreed, not caring about what he said at all.

After an hour, Feng Xiao arrived at the Death God’s Tomb.

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