Chapter 26: Searching for qilin blood
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 26: Searching for qilin blood

“If there really is a day, of course we will be bound by duty to do so!” No matter what his heart thought, he still had to say beautiful words. Feng Xiao changed the topic and looked at the Heavenly Dragon Emperor as he said, “But emperor, I’ll be frank, your internal energy seems weak and you aura is scattered, I’m afraid……”

“You’re afraid I’m out of life energy?” The Heavenly Dragon Emperor gave a bitter laugh as he looked at the young man in front of him with a look of astonishment. He never thought that he would be able to see his through condition from such a long distance.

Feng Xiao did not reply which could be considered silent agreement. To be honest, if there was one thing that was stronger than his speed, then it would be his medical skills! In «Rebirth», whether it was a player or a system character, their appearance and insides were close to the same as reality, it could be considered even exactly the same as reality. The only difference was that all disabilities would be healed automatically by the system. So, even though Feng Xiao was in the game, he could still see through a person with a single glance.

“Life force being exhausted”, these four words made him remember a weak girls figure and his heart filled with a bit of pain.

There was no officer or minister that spoke, but they had painful expressions on their faces. The condition of their emperor was not a secret to them.

“Ke, ke….Ai, I’ll be honest, I’ve contracted a terminal illness. No matter what kind of magical pill was taken out, it still won’t save my life, so none of the imperial doctors have been able to cure me. With the world in such chaos and many things left for me to do, I am not willing to leave like this.” The Heavenly Dragon Emperor did not hide anything and directly explained his condition.

“Is there really no way to save your life?” This emperor left a good impression on Feng Xiao, so his tone was quite good.

“There is a method, but there is no difference from not having one…..” The Heavenly Dragon Emperor thought of the one hope that the doctors mentioned, but his look became gloomier. At the same time, his gaze looking at Feng Xiao became much warmer.

“Alright old emperor, stop being like a little girl. Just tell this little brat what it is already!” Tian Xiu had an impatient appearance, as if he could already guess what the emperor was thinking of.

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