Chapter 25: Heavenly Dragon Emperor
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 25: Heavenly Dragon Emperor

Finally Feng Xiao was dragged to the Heavenly Dragon Palace by Tian Xiu.

“Without white hair and a white tiger, it seems like Asura really is worthy of being called Asura!” Heavenly Shield had a mysterious look on his face.

“He, he, he, the legend of the Asura does not have to mean the Asura’s successor. Perhaps it could also be talking about an insane killer.”

“Since he is an otherworlder, then we will have a chance to see him again you bunch of old chatty birds!”


The Heavenly Dragon Imperial City square. Three minutes after Feng Xiao left, a red haired man carrying a giant sword slowly walked over…...

“Hen Tian, Job Change, Warrior!”

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The cold voice quickly calmed down the excited Job Change Instructors. They turned around and noticed the red haired man that had suddenly appeared.

Hen Tian just silently stood there, being unable to hide the killing intent around his body at all. The aura was very intense, making even these old men secretly shocked!

Where did this person come from? These old men had the same thought at the same time.

“You are?” Heavenly War calmly asked.

“Hen Tian, Job Change, Warrior!” Hen Tian seemed like he was unwilling to say more as he spoke in his calm and cold voice.

“Oh, I am the Warrior Job Change Instructor. Your aura clearly shows that you can become a powerful Warrior. You…..Ah…..You…...What is that sword in your hand?” His eyes looked over at the giant sword that Hen Tian was wielding and Heavenly War’s voice could not help trembling.

Heavenly Shield, Heavenly Bow, Heavenly Thorn, and Heavenly Law also noticed the sword in Hen Tian’s hands and they all revealed looks of shock at the same time.

“Hen Tian, Job Change, Warrior, hurry up.” Hen Tian knit his brows together.

“.......Alright, please sign your name here……”


After changing jobs, Hen Tian silently headed off to the south of the Imperial City, leaving the old men in blank dismay.

“Is that sword……”

“That’s right, it’s the Death God’s sword, Doom Yellow Springs. That person… the successor of the Death God!”

“That hate filled name and that hate filled aura, he must be someone who has returned from that purgatory…..”

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