Chapter 24: Changing Jobs into Magic Warrior
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 24: Changing Jobs into Magic Warrior

Asura: Ten thousand years ago, Luo Jia fell into the Asura Path from his despair and reincarnated as an Asura, using that to gradually form the Asura Job. The Asura Job had once caused the continent to fall into a panic, but after declining, the Asura Job faded from everyone’s memories.

Job Stats: Only if the user becomes the legendary Asura Emperor, they are not allowed to join or form any guilds. The user can use any kind of weapons and equip equipment from any Job. The user is not restricted by any rules of the Heavenly Dragon Continent (For example: Red name after killing someone, being punished for speaking vulgarities, and etc……). The user also completely negates all forms of death qi.

Asura’s hand: Passive Skill, Basic Level.

Asuras can use weapons from any Jobs and turn them into a sharp killing weapon.

Effects: When using any weapon, attack power increased by 20%.

Asura’s Body: Passive Skill, Basic Level.

Asuras can use any equipment from any Job and increase its defense with the Asura’s power.

Effects: When any piece of equipment, defense is increased by 20%.

Asura Heavenly Return: Passive Skill, Basic Level.

Effects: HP and MP will recover every second based on how much vitality and intelligence the user has.

“Other than not having attack skills, the Asura Job really is quite strong!” This was Feng Xiao’s first impression of this Job.

Feng Xiao clearly remembered the stat increase he received when he changed Jobs and they were three-four times higher compared to normal Jobs! Especially attack power. It had been increased by 100 which was equivalent to a level 20 player with an ordinary weapon equipped.

The three passive skills the Asura Job had were quite powerful, seeing as how normal Jobs only offered a 5% increase in attack strength. For example, the Spear Warrior Job would increase one’s attack by 5% if they used a spear, but this Asura Job increased one’s attack by 20% and it did not matter what weapon was equipped. The Heavenly Return was even more incredible…...Only Knights had self regeneration and this regeneration was based on his vitality! With his current vitality, his per second recovery rate was already equivalent to drinking a health potion.

Feng Xiao could only say, “This Job’s basic stats are just too strong. If he could tap into its potential, then how strong would it really be?” Feng Xiao was filled with confidence and anticipation.

“There is still a broken Job waiting for me.” Feng Xiao finally remembered the five other old men standing here.

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